Are you tired of your dull apartment setup? With the majority of time spent indoors due to COVID-19, it’s about time to bring in some fun on your walls or shelves. So ditch the cluttered shelves or that boring old wall and display something that embodies you as a person. So, we gathered the Pieces of Art for Your Apartment that will bring out the best of the place.

No idea what to display? Here are eight pieces of art that might “spark joy” for your next apartment: 

Hanging Wall Art

It’s time to save yourself from staring at that boring wall. If you’re not much of an art person, then you can skip this section. But simply hanging wall art is the most efficient way to bring life into a gloomy apartment. As art continues to evolve, you have a lot of options to choose from. It all depends on your taste. 

First, ask yourself what type of art you want inside your apartment if you want an eccentric art piece hanging in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or even bathroom. It doesn’t matter where you put it. You can go crazy and make your wall art as an accent piece. 


Yes, Lego’s! Need I say more? If you need more convincing, think of your favorite pop culture. Now, imagine them on your media console, display cabinets, or even on your bedside table. Not only does it give your apartment an extra “oomph, but” you can also have fun (or be frustrated) as you build your Lego set.

For example, if you’re a huge fan of star wars, you can buy a Darth Vader Helmet or a Millennium Falcon Lego model. Both are a great addition to your man cave as long as you don’t have kids running around. But, yikes, think about the horror whenever they try to touch the Millennium Falcon model you tried so hard to build. 

Or how about sets inspired by Harry Potter? Having a Hedwig model in your display case is a sight to behold. It all comes down to whichever makes you happy. From Marvel model sets to iconic Architecture models, there’s no harm in adding a piece of yourself to your living space.

Toy Car Models

If you’re more of a car enthusiast, don’t be shy to display your love indoors. You can even go wild and customize your display cabinet for your models. It’s the perfect addition to your bachelor pad, even better if you install RGB LED lighting for mood lighting. You can make it look like a Tire Shelf or a futuristic floating display shelf.  


How about turning your apartment into a lightsaber display room? If you’re a fan of lightsabers, then it’s your time to shine— literally. There are a lot of ways possible to incorporate lightsabers in your apartment interior. Besides, it does not only serve as an “art piece.” Whenever you’re bored, you can grab a saber on your wall and swing it around. 

As the Lightsaber enthusiasts continue to grow, you can find many specialty stores online. You can even customize your lightsaber! Here are a few websites you can explore: 

  • Park Sabers
  • Saber Forge
  • Genesis Custom Sabers
  • Instructables 
  • Ultra Sabers

Movie Memorabilia

Whether it’s your top movie classics or any favorites, movie memorabilia is an excellent addition to your new apartment. It can be a movie poster, license plate, signed costumes, props, and more! Besides, it can be a great conversation starter whenever you have a guest over.  


When it comes to figurines, you have a lot to choose from, such as pop culture to high-end options. There are also long-established brands that are popular amongst collectors. Here are a few to start from: 

  • Hot Toys
  • Funko Pop 
  • Bearbrick
  • Kotobukiya
  • Kaws
  • NECA

It might even be the start of your new hobby. As your collection grows, you can dedicate a wall and transform it into a full-on display wall. In addition, you can customize a built-in display case that’s backlit with LED lighting. That’s always a tasteful addition to make your interior more “alive.”   

90’s Nostalgia

90’s nostalgia can be anything from your childhood that brings you that sentimental feeling. Well, take it as a blast from the past. But, on the other hand, something classic is always a great art piece for apartments. Especially the ones that connect with our childhood which brings us a sense of belongingness and nostalgia. 

It can be a poster of your favorite classic video game or the product itself. For example, you can display an old telephone or even frame a floppy disk. 

Whichever you choose to display, be sure to pick out an item with a solid color. The color entirely depends on the color scheme of your interior. However, as much as possible, choose a color that’s loud and pops out. 

Old Doors

Yep, you’ve read that correctly— old doors. Although it seems like a tricky item to add to your apartment, you have many options. First, the obvious one. You can change your modern interior doors to old classic doors. 

Believe it or not, installing a vintage door can raise the artistry level in your apartment. Besides, it’s artsy and functional at the same time. Not only does it look great visually, but it also adds a certain homey feeling to your dull apartment. So if you like a homey and cozy interior, choose a vintage door made out of wood. 

Another option is simply installing it on your wall, making it a false door. You can create an illusion effect that can confuse your guests and earn some good laughs. You can even add an old bathroom sign and install it at the end of your hallway. But if you want a more classy approach, then simply mounting it to the wall will do. 

When choosing an old door to display or use, be sure to select the color wisely. It’s essential to remember that the paint will either make or break your interior. So, if you want a false door for display, choose an accent color. Meanwhile, if you plan to use it as your interior door, opt for a color that compliments your existing color scheme. 

And, there you have it! The Pieces of Art for Your Apartment that can up your game. Don’t forget to share this list with your friends and enjoy decorating your apartment.