10 Coffee Tables For Your Next Apartment


Coffee Tables provide a very convenient space to put our drinks. And, it also makes a great addition to our living room for a more homey and cozy vibe. It can be a place for a drink, decor, or even something to put our feet up when lounging. Nowadays, there are many styles of coffee tables that you can see on different brands. Some even have other features, like drawers, storage cabinets, or lift-up tops which can be used as a place to keep your magazines and books in a very easy access place. So we made a list of the best Coffee Tables For Your Next Apartment.

After having the perfect couches, the next important thing to have in your living room is a table that can hold your drinks, remotes, books, even your indoor plants. A coffee table will always be a great choice, seriously, you can’t go wrong with having it. You can even use it to relax, when you don’t have an ottoman or anything else, you can just simply put your feet up on the table. You’ll be so comfy you might even fall asleep. We made a list of the Coffee Tables For Your Next Apartment that you should definitely have in your apartment. Let’s get right into it!

Cascade Cocktail Table in Chestnut Brown by Lexington

This Cascade Cocktail Table has a really unique contemporary design that is truly exceptional. It’s inspired by the iconic horizontal and vertical planes of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater home that’s located in Pennsylvania. It has two tiers that can be a great place for your books. The design is a refined modern aesthetic that’ll fit perfectly in your living room. If you’re looking for contemporary furniture that’s perfect for any aesthetic, then this one is perfect. It’s worth checking out and worth the hype.

Lamar Modern Cocktail Table in Cherry with Glass Insert Top

The sleek and minimalist feature of this coffee table is an absolute 10 out of 10. It is an all-around type of furniture that will surely complement a modern style of decor. The Lamar Modern Cocktail Table stands 18″ high with a very spacious surface. It also features a stylish glass top panel that is a good touch of clean and sleek design. 

The spacious drawer really is a cherry on top because of the eye-catching design and is good for storing your high-end book collections to your guests but also has easy access whenever you wanna read and take some time for yourself. 

Kersey Cocktail Table

The Mid-Century Modern design makes this an astounding table. The style might make it look so expensive but trust me, the price is very wallet-friendly. The open shelving is very convenient and stylish. It fits perfectly in any room and has a really good quality. No other words are needed, the piece itself speaks perfection. 

Parkview Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table with Drawer, 36″L

This Parkview Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table with Drawer is solidly built using recycled lumber. The rustic appearance matches perfectly with the clean and contemporary style of this table. It has a spacious drawer that can store even your throw pillows or big books. It’s very ideal for entertaining your guests, game night, movie night, and everything else. Having this table will be the easiest way to make your living room better than everything. It has pads under the legs to avoid scratching the floors and leaving them protected. 

The reclaimed wood used in making this table is made from salvaged materials like rustic distressed finish, knots, visible nail heads, oil stains, and more that gives it very antique-like characteristics.

AMOEBA coffee table

The AMOEBA coffee table has a Mid-Century Modern design that makes a good focal point in your room because of its shape and the color that compliments everything around it. Several pieces of American Black Walnut are laminated together to create this amazing piece. The beautiful tabletop is also a nice place to pair with any couch or chair. The drop-shaped, solid wood, and easy to assemble table is really worth every penny. However, solid wood furniture may develop small cracks and fissures if not maintained properly so if you have some time to check it once in a while, then you’re good to go with this table. The size of the table is perfect and it doesn’t take up too much space. I’d definitely check this out some time. 

Nocona Sled Coffee Table

This glossy white table gives a modern, elegant, and sophisticated look that everyone will just love. The clean cuts of the table really give it a nice touch. It will really complement every piece of furniture in your home. The simplicity of this makes it look like a futuristic piece, you know, the 3D images we often see in movies. It can be used as a side table or a coffee table. You’ll really live this in every way. It’s simple at its best. 

IKEA LACK Coffee Table 

If you’re looking for something that doesn’t look too much but is very durable, then the IKEA LACK Coffee Table is perfect for you. The simple design of it will really vibe with everything in your apartment. It’ll look so perfect wherever you want to put it. It has an open lower shelf that’ll be a perfect space for books, magazines, and albums. It’s great value for everyone on a budget. It doesn’t look cheap at all for its price. It’s a nice, sturdy, and stylish table. The table looks really decent everywhere, it also comes in three colors, black-brown, white stained oak effect, and a simple white. 

The table is easy to match with everything else and with its unique construction, it’ll be easy to lift it and move around if you want a different room layout. It will keep the clean and fresh vibe of the room which everyone likes. I’d definitely have this in my bachelor pad. 

West Elm Mid Century Pop Up Coffee Table at West Elm

The asymmetrical design of this piece is made of eucalyptus wood and engineered wood. The coffee table has a Mid-Century design and also has features that you’ll absolutely love. It has a lift-top design which creates more space for everything you want, you can use it as a workspace that will really help you a lot so you won’t need to buy another desk, and you can also use it for eating when you don’t wanna move away from the couch, you know, the lazy days that we all want some time. You can choose if you want a single pop-up or double, whatever fits your needs. 

The table has an amazing Walnut finish and there’s also hidden storage underneath the pop-up that provides a perfect space for the untidy stuff you have going on.

 Article Bios Coffee Table

The smooth and glossy white features paired with the wild oak qualities make such a perfect combination. It has an open shelf that’ll keep your good coffee table books on hand as soon as you need them. Meanwhile, the drawer will store everything that might not be a good touch to your aesthetic. I told you, it’s a keeper. It has powder-coated legs that really sum up the simplicity of the table. It’s an all-in-one table that will look so great at every angle of the room. 

The great look is not the only card this table can play, the well-made pieces of the drawer will surely last for a lifetime. It is a sturdy table that withstands everything and has a versatile design. Perfection, indeed. 

Tipton Square Metal/Glass Open Shelf Cocktail Table, Gold

The glass and metal material of the table matches its minimalistic design. Its chic, classy, and sleek style will make you fall in love with it. The silver, rectangular frame houses the tempered glass well in the shelf and tabletop that creates a good shadowbox effect. The open and clean architectural design of this table fits the aesthetic of every room you’ll put it into. 

Personally, I love the Nordic vibe going on with this table because it makes it look simple but as good as any high-quality item. Honestly, I can see myself using this table a lot, because, who won’t?

There are so many kinds of coffee tables made in different materials. Leather and wood are very easy to maintain and are also very durable. While glass and clear acrylic might give a cleaner look and lighter look but can be easily scratched and is fragile. The final decision on which one to buy depends on what picture you’re trying to achieve in your living room. You can get a modern one, traditional, rustic, metal, or even geometrical that comes in a very unique shape with noticeable edges.

A coffee table can even make your room look neat and tidy, pair it with a good-looking rug and you’ll have yourself a perfect blend of decoration. It also serves as second storage because if there’s a large shelf underneath, you can put your throws there and even your pillows. There are so many benefits you can get just by having a coffee table at home. And what we listed above are some of the best ones you’ll wanna consider getting.

If this list helped you, you can also share it with your friends and help them choose one too. The key to a good-looking home is high-quality furniture. Always remember that the key to a perfect home is the best furniture. 

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