Best Bar Carts To Express Your Love For Alcohol


Fancy drinks belong to fancy bar carts, and to express your love of alcohol, nothing is more expressive than storing your booze on a fancy trolley. Bar carts have lately become a trend, especially for those who’re just starting to decorate their new home. It’s not really necessary to get one but I’m sure you’ll want to show off your high-end liquor and classy champagnes to your guests sometime. 

Bar carts are really joining the trending list and you can even decorate it with fancy wine glasses that will surely level up your game. A lot of furniture brands have been releasing their own versions of bar carts that everyone just loves. There are a lot of choices that can fit your style in decorating, but we narrowed the list to the 10 best bar carts that you can find and show off your wine collection with.

Mastropietro Mobile Metal Bar Cart

The Mastropietro Mobile Metal Bar Cart looks really manly so I’m sure you’ll like it. This will be a stylish addition to any space or any style that you’re going for in your bachelor pad. It has a large tabletop and two shelves that provide big space, especially for bottles, and each shelf is supported by an impressive circular frame which gives the piece the weightlessness feature that will become handy when you need to carry it when you’re just starting to decorate. The colors perfectly contrast each other which makes it fit any aesthetic. I’d definitely put this in my bachelor pad. 

West Elm Tiered Bar Console

Simple, spacious, and modern style. This West Elm Tiered Bar Console is really amazing and “the space-saving bar console” phrase really fits well with it and it is worth the hype. Its playful shape will really grab the attention of your guests and it will definitely invite you to drink some wine. Its minimalist design will be really easy to decorate. It has a space in the mid-part where you can put some fruits or other stuff, whatever goes for your style. It’s very easy to design this bar cart and I’m sure if you went in the right style, your guests will love it as much as you do. 

Three Posts Hedon Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage 

This traditional bar cabinet will look really sophisticated and elegant on your bachelor pad. If you’re aiming for more of a luxurious style, then this is the perfect one for you. You can keep your liquor, spirits, and wine more organized and you can easily see which is which. It is crafted with solid hardwood that proves its durability. Apart from the amazing wine storage, it also includes two side cabinets and a pull-out drawer. The built-in wine rack provides 15 slots for your favorite drinks. It’s quite spacious if you’re gonna ask me. To sum it up, accommodating and modern design that’ll fit your bachelor pad in any way possible. 

Crate and Barrel Frye 2-Tier Bar Cart

Showcase your bar accessories, sparkling glasses, high-end liquors, and prized spirits on this bar cart. The convenience of this bar cart will be as astounding as it looks. The handles are wrapped in leather for a more sturdy and firm grip. Frye is best known for making high-quality leather goods which proves that this bar cart will be as good as you can imagine. The leather and golden accent make a really great combination, the acacia wood shelves are also a great match to the cart’s color. Crafted with strong materials, timeless design, and the best craftsmanship. The cart will come with exclusive free accessories and gifts when you purchase it. Talk about perfection. 

Nathan James Carter Rolling Bar Tea or Cocktail

The tempered glass matched with the metal features of the cart shows the elegance of the cart. The bottom is made of wood that can hold your liquor bottles. The cart has four wheels that make it easier to push bring anywhere. Whether in the kitchen, living room, or outdoors, this bar cart will fit anywhere you want. Its sleek and modern design gives it a nice manly touch that will look absolutely amazing in your bachelor pad. It can be used as a side table or a bar cat. It’s a black metal frame with built-in rails that guarantees that everything is good to go. It’s a total of 10 out of 10.

Sika Design Originals Carlo Rattan Mini Bar Cart

Any rattan furniture is proven to be durable and can withstand any weather. And, this Sika Design Originals Carlo Rattan Mini Bar Cart was all crafted by skilled workers using their hands. This bar cart can transform CO2 into clean air that anyone would love. The whole piece is made of rattan and is as durable as any metal bar cart. If an over-styled look isn’t for you, then this will perfectly fit your bachelor pad. It also comes in two colors, black and brown. If you’re aiming for a very manly vibe, then you should get the black one, but if you’re into a naturalistic vibe and simplicity, then the brown one would be perfect. And, rattan is a great natural source of furniture production. Love your furniture and nature.

Hause Bar Cart

Contemporary, simple, and chic. The Hause Bar Cart has an ornamental design that does not show too much, just the right amount of elegance. The paired glass on each shelf adds a very sophisticated touch to the bar cart. The bar cart features a bamboo-like golden design on its whole appearance. The railings will keep your bottles in place and you can use them to serve drinks at a party or simply just display your favorite wines and bar items in this cart and they’ll look extraordinary. If you’re gonna ask me, I will definitely add this to my bachelor pad because, why not? It’s a simple but perfect bar cart in any way possible. 

Those are some of the best bar carts that you can put on your bachelor pad. Bar carts can function more than you think, they can be used as a side table, display furniture, or just where to put your wine and liquor but in a more elegant way. You can even style it however you want. But, if you’re new at styling your bar carts, I’ll let you know some tricks that might help:

  • Use the items as a decor

Instead of just putting it in a regular and random way, organize it in a more clean and pleasant way. Put a nice set of colors that’ll fit your bachelor pad’s design and lay it out where it compliments each color. By adding a few accessories, it might catch some attention of your guest and it can truly level up your decorating skills.

  • Go green

You can also put some leafy friends on your cart to maximize its style. Putting a small plant will make a big difference that you’ll love for sure. They’re a great way to bring nature to home and they can give you positive energy and vibes that you’ll surely need every day.

  • Style accordingly

Just like your whole house, bar carts also have a sense of style; Christmas, Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and many more. It can make you appreciate it more and put the appropriate drinks in the right season. It’s very easy and you’ll enjoy it.

  • Book, book, books

Everyone has their favorite books, and it can be fun to put it in your bar carts as it can show your personality and what kind of things you’re into. You can also stack some vintage books that everyone can read from time to time. It’s easy to access, so you can read anytime you want. 

  • Know the balance

When you’re styling something, you want it to be perfect. And to achieve that, you need to know how to balance everything. It can be hard but you’ll get the hang of it. For a well-rounded look, if you have elegant glassware and unique bottles of champagne, you can put it in your bar cart too. You can’t make it look too much but you also don’t want it to look boring. Just right. 

Those are some of the tips I can give you when you’re styling your bar carts. Always remember that too much can be bad, so keep it simple. It’s always fun to have a bar cart at home so you can have a little bit of liquor that you can get right in the corner, it is also very easy to use when there’s guests and you wanna serve them the good stuff. It’s a good way to show off your drinks, snacks but also the bar cart itself. You never know, you might make your friends get one too. 

If this list helped you in finding your bar cart that will fit your home, share it with your friends and maybe it could help them too. 

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