Best Underwear Brands for Men


Some of the most fashionable men often choose their undergarments without much consideration. Anyone could contemplate a pair of pants or a winter coat for hours or even weeks, however, when it comes to boxers, thermal underwear, and boxer briefs. The majority of males just care that they function. The greatest men’s underwear manufacturers have invested a lot of time and money in research and development, which is overlooked from that viewpoint. In terms of contemporary fabric advancements and design advances. The market for men’s underwear rivals that of the industry for outerwear.

Every well-rounded wardrobe is built on the greatest men’s underwear companies. Shopping for underwear isn’t particularly enjoyable unless you’re absolutely in need of a momentary serotonin high. Finding a new pair is thankfully simple—if not particularly exciting—because the underwear industry isn’t exactly trend-driven. Nevertheless, it is a significant one. Because there are many options available right now. Ranging from cunning upstarts claiming to fix all of your chafing issues to legacy labels promoting anti-bunching formulae they have developed over decades of hard trial and error. Are you looking for a traditional pair of Supima cotton boxer shorts or a flexible pair of boxer briefs with spandex added for moisture-wicking? You won’t need to search far. Have you been drawn to lofty-sounding materials like micro modal or airy elastane blends? Numerous businesses would be delighted to hear that.

Here are the Best Underwear Brands for Men!

Calvin Klein

Almost without saying, Calvins come up when talking about men’s underwear. But we’re going to say it. They are the quintessential stylish boxer briefs.

It wasn’t initially that way for the first brand of designer underpants. The first American label to put its brand on a pair of briefs is credited with triggering a seismic change. In the men’s underwear business before Calvin Klein became a global superbrand that dominates the billboard space. Even after all these years, purchasing a pair of boxers imprinted with the recognizable Futura typeface still feels like a small extravagance. That will only ever be enjoyed by you, your underwear drawer, and a select few people. Calvin Klein is the place to go if you’re seeking underwear with a real cultural history.


Jockey, like Hanes, has existed in some capacity for a considerable amount of time. They are largely recognized for creating the traditional Y-front brief. An invention that served as the model for underwear designs that still rule the market today. Jockey has roots in the late 1800s and was named after the type of support that was then associated with jockstraps. If you’re in urgent demand of no-frills underwear made with the exact meticulous attention to detail. And nearly indestructibility—that first made the firm famous, it is still the brand to turn to.

In the 1980s, it was probably the first company to promote the concept that men’s underwear might also be sexy. Since that advertising effort, it has become one of the most recognizable names in men’s underwear. Their greatest selling feature is the fact that they provide the fittest options of any major brand. Everything is available, even compression shorts that reach your thighs. One of the better options available is their stretch cotton boxer brief, which is the brand’s signature item.


Few companies, let alone those in the underwear industry, can say that they have a century of experience in their particular industry. Hanes, though, isn’t just any old company. Hanes, which debuted in the early 1900s, has seen a level of enduring relevance that lesser-known brands find extremely difficult to match. Although the brand has subsequently branched out into other product categories. You might swear by their renowned tagless T-shirts—underwear continues to be the empire’s shining jewel. Hanes underwear is frequently marketed in bulk, which is somewhat odd considering how long they typically survive between uses.

The American industry standard for underwear is Hanes. Almost everything sells them, and they are relatively inexpensive. It’s likely that when you were a child, your mother or grandma made a mistaken purchase of Hanes for you. But don’t be misled; when it pertains to men’s underwear, Hanes is always a good option. They have been around since 1900, and innovation has always come first. They were among the first companies to employ printed tags and waistbands made of fabric. What else do you need to know about them save the fact that Michael Jordan is the only underwear brand he has ever endorsed?


Lululemon, one of our favorite athleisure businesses, gained notoriety for producing some of the world’s most comfy yoga gear and workout attire. Its advancements in the fabric have always been the foundation of its success. The materials they use to create their traditional, straightforward products are very cozy and practical. Additionally, they include minute practical additions that are almost imperceptible but make a huge effect. Both their yoga pants and their brand of men’s underwear adhere to these principles. When you put them on, you can tell right away that they are from Lululemon even though they appear to be from a variety of brands. You won’t want to remove them either.

Tom Ford

Even though the renowned designer is most known for revitalizing Gucci before going it alone and founding one of the most popular fashion companies of the twenty-first century, he also creates excellent undergarments. Ford prioritized underwear, unlike most fashion firms that tend to make it an afterthought to their lineup. A few basic patterns are offered in his underwear line, all of them are produced with exquisite fabrics and careful attention to detail. They are offered in either timeless all-black or a variety of colorful designs. It is obvious that everything Tom Ford signs will meet his high standards of quality, especially if it is prominently displayed on the waistband.


Adult guys can dress in underwear with goofy cartoon animals and sailboats thanks to J.Crew. Since the 1990s, the company has consistently offered a variety of cheeky and absurd patterns in its popular line of boxers, known as Critter. Some people might argue that only small children should wear underwear with images of dogs or sailboats, but we’re here to tell you that those arguments are fallacious. It’s acceptable to play around a little with your undergarments. The nicest feature, though, is how comfy and long-lasting J.Crew’s boxers are.

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