A mood light can change a room’s mood as quick as a lightning. A simple mood light can give a big spin on your vibe. Just match it with your emotions, feelings, and, atmosphere of the space. A mood light can help bring more positive vibes to a room and make it feel more cozy and homey. Some research shows that lighting can have a big effect on someone’s personality and emotions. And every color has a different effect on your mentality. Mood lights are can be personalized so basically, you can create whatever color suits your mood or vibe, it could be cozy, calm, fun, and even sexy. 

Before we get to our long-awaited list, I’ll give you some benefits that could definitely make you change your mind and assumptions about having a mood light:

  • It’ll help you get a better sleep
  • Lights can help you have a better mood
  • It gives positive vibes
  • It gives a better ambiance

Now that’s some of the benefits that you can get. And, you can even give your favorite art piece nice lighting for better exposure. If you don’t have an idea which art piece would fit your apartment, then we also have a list just for you1 Moving on, the long wait is now over! There is a long list of lights that you can choose from and if you don’t wanna spend too much time browsing the long list, then this compilation of the best lights to set the mood right is the perfect one for you! 

Neewer 2 Packs Dimmable Bi-Color

Featuring 240 White and 240 Yellow LED long-lasting lights, it provides a changeable white balance from tungsten-daylight 32005600K Color Temp. The U-mount Bracket allows photographers to adjust the lighting direction depending on the shooting situation. 

The Neewer 2 Packs Dimmable Bi-Color is manufactured with high-quality aluminum alloy with a clean, sophisticated look; It may be put directly on a lampstand, the ground, or a desk. Offers a variety of shooting options for your artistic work. A white diffuser is included to reduce the harsh light; a carrying bag makes it very easy to transport and keep the lamp and other supplies. It’s a 10 out of 10 indeed. 

Philips Hue

The Philips Hue is a series of unique kinds of light that you’ll definitely love. It’s a smart LED light bulb, lighting fixtures, and smart accessories that will definitely fit into any home’s decor, the occasion, and even your mood. You can also control your smart lights quickly and conveniently with the Philips Hue app. 

It is very easy to install and control. You can also customize your lights depending on your mood. Not just that, it also can be synced with your music, movies, and games. You can also use light routines to help you wake up with a personal sunrise and fall asleep better and more smoothly. It can also help with security because of its “get away-from-home” control and automated features that you can control even when you’re away from home. This smart light really ups the game and takes you to the future. 


The LIGHTSMOON™ LINE LAMP has a very unique, minimal, and modern design built for every space. The simplicity of the pieces makes it an eye-catching decor that will definitely get some attention from everyone. Its elegant design makes it a match to every style of decor that you’d want. It also adds an artistic accent to wherever you put it. 

The line lamp will give a modern and calm ambiance to your bachelor pad. It can be seen as an art piece but can be used as a mood lamp. It’s a definite all-arounder. Light up your space in a stylish and artistic way with this lamp. The lamp also features different effects that you could control so you can switch things up in a more “flashy” way. 

Glow 8×8′ Portable Butterfly Light Modifier Collapsible Kit

The Glow 8×8′ Portable Butterfly Light Modifier Collapsible Kit has smooth, diffused lighting is created by changing intense light sources. It also has excellent interchangeable screens for picture and video creation that serve as a superb backdrop frame or structure for material. The structure of the lighting is extremely stable and can be rapidly assembled.

Luna Floor Lamp

The Luna floor lamp has become one of our most popular and distinctive lights, and this would look great inside any modern home. This Luna floor lamp will stun everyone with its elegant brass finish and the lovely frosted glass globe will brighten up any space with its strong integrated LED 800-lumen lightbulb.

This floor lamp really puts simplicity and perfection as a priority because of its sophisticated and fine look. It will look good if you like Nordic-style furniture and a rustic vibe, then this could be the perfect one for your bachelor pad. 

Clarke Round Flush Ceiling Light by Matteo Lighting

Matteo, a Canadian company, offers a very diverse range of designs and accessories at an exceedingly low price. Browse no further than Matteo for projects that demand beautiful lighting at a low cost. The Clarke Round Flush Ceiling Light‘s 2 different color schemes and industrial features make it a standout item. An elegant and polished Aged Gold Brass cage is supported by a Black backplate.

The Clarke, completed with an Edison bulb, performs wonderfully in the bedroom, kitchen, or any other space could do with an industrial touch. There are two models available. UL and ETL certifications are available.

Austin Allen & Co Polaris 1-Light Metal Pendant 9D315A, Aged Brass

The Austin Allen & Co Polaris 1-Light Metal Pendant 9D315A, Aged Brass is a softly domed glass with a  one-light metal pendant that complements the Industrial mood of your doorway, hallway, lounge room, kitchen, or den. This attractive lamp, with a nearly 17″ width, delivers superb task and down-lighting in an appealing, slender design.

This will be a good fit for any living room. The sleek and modern design is a nice accent to the furniture and will match absolutely everything. This is really worth every penny. 

Lighting is one of the most common things you can find in a room or an apartment, but it’s could still be crucial to choose which will look good or fit your decor. Now, this list has the best of the best lightings at every standard; budget, style, size, and everything. I hope this list helps you in decorating your bachelor pad or choosing lights that can give the right vibe in your space.  

Don’t forget to share this list with your friends, it could also give them ideas on which fits good in their apartments. It’s always nice to lend a hand, a list rather.