Best Vapes to Quit Smoking


Giving up smoking is difficult. When you don’t have anything to replace it with, it’s really challenging. Millions of smokers have resorted to using vape as a smoke-free alternative because of this. While there are no tar, carbon monoxide, carcinogens, or offensive odors when vaping, the act is essentially identical to smoking. You’ve been smoking for quite some time. Perhaps you’re beginning to consider giving up. Or perhaps you’ve made a few attempts to stop smoking in the past but kept falling back into the same pattern. Or perhaps the cost of smoking is driving you crazy and you want to take action.

It’s time to stop, then! If you’ve been trying to figure out the best approach to stop smoking, you’ve definitely looked into e-cigarettes and vape kits to support you. You have undoubtedly noticed that there are a ton of options available. Although vape pens may have once been a rather restricted way to consume vaping, they have significantly improved in recent years, becoming capable of carrying much better batteries and features, to the point where some of the best vape kits currently on the market come in the form of neat and discrete vape pens.

Elf Bar 5000

Even though it only has a 650mAh battery, the ElfBar BC5000 has the longest battery life of all of these disposables since, in addition to being disposable, it can also be recharged through USB Type C. It has a massive 13ml pre-filled juice capacity and can produce 5000 puffs, though you won’t get that many on a single charge. One of the greatest disposables for longevity, it features a chic flask style and is offered in a variety of delectable flavors.

The BC500’s ability to deliver 5000 puffs while still maintaining a compact design is a significant advantage. It has a smooth draw and performs well when it counts. Due to the introduction of several new limited-edition flavors and the Elf Bar Ultra. Which utilizes the new QUAQ coil for greater taste, increasing their assortment, and appealing to a wider client base, The Elf Bar has risen in the rankings.

OXVA Origin 2

A very potent sub-ohm vape kit designed with portability and convenience in mind is the OXVA Origin 2 Pod Kit. The Origin 2 is as compact as a typical pod kit and has a power range that goes up to 80W.

This performance capability, along with superb airflow regulation and 0.2-ohm Unicoils, produces some quite spectacular clouds. Most sub-ohm vapers will be lured to the biggest device they can find. But we firmly advise the huge cloud puffer on the go to take a moment to evaluate Origin 2. Not only for its output potential but also for its use and elegant aesthetic.

The OXVA Origin 2 has a striking matte steel appearance that draws attention. Along with a plush leather grip panel that is ergonomically comfortable and less likely to break. The conclusion that OXVA is more than capable of generating a top-quality sub-ohm pod vape is supported by the addition of a comprehensive 0.69″ OLED panel to provide you with continuous information about your vape’s current specifications.

Innokin Sceptre 2

A retro starter kit that added contemporary features and capabilities to a vintage build was the Innokin Sceptre Tube. Innokin has completely updated the design with the introduction of the new Sceptre 2 Pod Kit, giving us a stunningly portable and incredibly flavorful MTL vape.

Despite having a very slender design that fits easily in the hand, the Innokin Sceptre 2 has a fantastic 1400mAh battery. Which is quite amazing given its diminutive size. When you want to give your puff just a little bit more oomph, the Sceptre 2’s single button also allows you to switch between 12W and 15W of power output. The Innokin S Coil series, which promotes outstanding flavor and coil longevity along with moderate cloud production, is compatible with the Sceptre 2 Pod. It includes an adjustable airflow slider integrated into the side to allow you cloud management.

For those who desire to vape, the Innokin Sceptre 2 Pod Kit is a superb little piece of long-lasting MTL satisfaction that is guaranteed to provide you with a great deal of easy-to-use satisfaction.


The SMOK RPM series of pod vapes are a key component of their new design philosophy. Which has shifted away from bulkier box mods and placed a greater emphasis on portable pod vapes that can still produce a strong sub-ohm hit.

Available in two models, the SMOK RPM 5 is the most durable and sophisticated RPM device yet. While the RPM 5 Pro lets you choose your own 18650 battery to power the gadget. The normal RPM 5 has a sizable internal battery capacity of 2000mAh. You can easily get enough charge from either option to utilize the kit’s full 80W output capacity. With the accompanying 0.15ohm and 0.23ohm coils, both of which have mesh interiors for quicker e-liquid absorption. The RPM 5 Pod has a novel sliding top-fill technique that makes refilling on the go a breeze. It also has a wide-bore mouthpiece for inhaling the enormous clouds you’ll be producing.

The RPM 5 and RPM 5 Pro are proof of SMOK’s design prowess and innovation. Which has cemented its place as one of the best and most well-known vape pen manufacturers in the world.

Vaporlax Mesh

It still comes with 6.5ml of salt juice, but the Vaporlax Mesh is an upgraded model that can now produce 3000 puffs (double the previous 1500 puffs). The 25 different flavors that are currently offered and the incredibly smooth adjustable airflow are perhaps even more astounding. With either a 50MG or 25MG nicotine dosage, they come in a variety of flavors. Fruits, menthol, sweets, and everything in between—and all offer a satisfying vape. The Vaporlax Mesh is possibly their best disposable vaporizer to date. Vaporlax disposables have consistently made our list.

The mesh coils in the Vaporlax Mesh provide exceptional performance with a smooth draw. They don’t quite reach the 3000+ puffs that are promised. But it’s still an incredibly extended lifespan for a disposable mesh coil.
People adore how versatile they are thanks to the choice of 2% or 5% nicotine concentrations.

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