Best Bikes to go Pipe-Free


Cycling has grown in popularity as a form of recreation as more people pedal for joy, fitness, and transportation, which has been fueled in part by the pandemic. But how can we be certain that the popularity of cycling has grown? In addition to the fact that many of the best bikes are more difficult to obtain, statistics on the rise in bicycle sales and the expansion of bike-friendly local infrastructure are also available.

You’ll be joining the ever-expanding numbers of bikers who found (or rediscovered) biking during the pandemic, whether you’re riding a bike to commute to work, burn some calories and skipping the ideal workout routine for men, or get some fresh air. But once you begin cycling, whether it be a chariot or whatever you saw in the back of your neighbor’s garage, you can discover that you require a vehicle that fulfills a particular purpose in your life. Take into account the improved way of life that biking provides as well. Your afternoon beach rides, weekend off-roading excursions, or more frequent visits to hipster hangouts in downtown neighborhoods will take the place of staring at your laptop or phone all day. If you’re wearing a stylish best bike helmet and sitting in the saddle with the best-insulated water bottle, you’re living wherever you are. Here are the Best Bicycles to go Pipe-Free!

Co-op Cycles CTY 1.1 Step-Through Bike

If you’re searching for an entry-level bike, the CTY 1.1 Step Through from REI is a fantastic option. With a 24-speed drivetrain, mechanical disc brakes for quick stopping (even in rainy circumstances), and a low crossbar to make getting off and on easy, it is designed for riding around on the pavement. If you need to move it from A to B, its lightweight, robust aluminum frame makes it simple to move and carry upstairs.

The Shimano shifters and derailleurs, together with the robust 40mm-wide tires, give it versatility and the ability to handle a range of road surfaces with ease, despite the relatively low $649 price tag. REI provides free adjustments on all bikes for a year as an added benefit.

AVENTON Pace 500 E-Bike

Using a bike while on vacation is a fantastic way to stay active. For this type of riding, on both paved pedestrian lanes and grubby, uneven trails, a cruiser is typically excellent since it lets riders sit upright, even lean back, and stretch their limbs. Pace 500 fits the bill perfectly. You can get to your objectives more quickly while conserving energy on this electric bike, which has a powerful engine. Once seated on its relaxing frame, you’ll be in the perfect riding position for the city or the beach. If your route includes any potholes or slight slopes, dial up the pedal assistance to help you conquer them.

VanMoof S3

Gearheads have developed something of a following for VanMoof, and casual riders are quickly joining them in their admiration. With its four-speed settings and sleek and fashionable design. The S3 e-bike makes climbing hills almost as simple as going straight. It is a Class 3 e-bike that has a top speed of 20 miles per hour and a fully integrated hydraulic braking system that allows it to stop instantly in all weather. For a little extra oomph, there is also a turbo boost button. Although no matter how fast you are traveling, it is whisper quiet.

VanMoof has a staggering range of 37 to 93 miles, depending on how you ride it (a top-end number that beats much of the competition). To make it even harder to steal. There is an integrated security system that immobilizes the rear wheel and activates an alarm via a mobile app. However, an integrated tracking system will be useful if someone does steal your wheels.

RAD POWER BIKES RadRunner 2 Electric Utility Bike

In case you couldn’t tell, we adore Rad Power Bikes. They produce some of the coolest electric bikes we’ve ever seen, and they have the best ecology of any bike manufacturer. The RadRunner is almost like a motorcycle (though much less dangerous because, well, it’s still an E-bike), but the RadMission is a fantastic city bike. There is so much space for crates and other supplies on this machine. Which also has large terrain tires and a strong frame. This guy will transport you to work if you live miles away from it without making you work up a sweat. With its accessories and lengthy battery life, it is perfectly capable of nighttime riding.

You will find yourself riding it every day to get to work, rain, snow, or whatever. Even if you are a guy who would drive to a neighbor’s house. Delivery drivers will also find it useful. For anyone who would prefer not to Uber three to seven miles, the bike offers the freedom of short-distance driving.


A city bike must be quick, convenient to store, and most importantly, easy to maneuver through congested streets. All of those things are present in Cannondale’s Bad Boy 3. It can handle tight curves, aggressive vehicles, and equally aggressive pedestrians thanks to its quick-rolling, gripping tires, and nimble handling. Additionally, it travels at a good clip, which makes commuting simple and lets you take leisurely trips to see even more of your city. Furthermore, you may conquer the city with the help of its disc brakes, broad gear range, and dependable durability.

SAVADECK Carbon Fiber Frame 700C Racing Bicycle

This bike is quick when used as a racing machine. like, very quickly. Fast like Sonic while high on performance-enhancing medications. Additionally, it appears to be moving quickly. Let’s face it, looking well and moving quickly is what riding is all about. In terms of riding and shifting, the powertrain offers freakish speed. And to make things even better, it’s primarily constructed of carbon fiber, which reduces weight and makes for smoother rides. Does this bike suit all riders? No. It’s a deadly option, though, for those of you with the talent and the desire for speed.

Electra Cruiser 1 Step-Through Bike

Bicycles designed for cruiser use are made to be simple to maintain and comfortable to ride. They frequently have comfortable seats, wide handlebars, and knobby tires. Because they are designed for a fun, relaxing ride in which you can sit up straight as opposed to hunched over as you would on a performance bike. You can frequently find them on boardwalks and in beach towns.

And all of it applies particularly to this adorable cruiser from Electra, making it ideal for your relaxed cycling. Even though you won’t break any speed records, the rear coaster brake is simple to operate even if you haven’t been on the best bikes since childhood, and the single-speed drivetrain minimizes maintenance. This bike also has a full-length chainguard to shield you from chain lubricant, which could ruin your ride. You also have a choice of six uplifting hues, such as Spring Green and Beach Bronze.


When it comes to embracing the freedom of pipe-free biking adventures, finding the right companion is crucial. Whether you’re cruising through urban landscapes or tackling rugged trails, the best bikes to go pipe-free offer a seamless and exhilarating experience. And speaking of the perfect gear, don’t forget about the often underestimated but essential element – the right footwear. Consider pairing your bike escapades with the Best Crocs for Men, ensuring comfort and style on and off the pedals. So, gear up, kick the pipes to the curb, and let the open road be your guide as you embark on a liberating journey with the best bikes and the coolest Crocs by your side. Happy riding!

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