Best Desk Accessories For Nerds and Men


Desk accessories are trendy nowadays, but how’d you know which one fits your aesthetic? Personalizing your desk and adding some color is really a great decision as it can make your desk feel more homey and comfy. Spice up your decors, put some vibrant and eye-catching stuff to make it more fun and colorful. Say bye to that boring desk that you have before and check out what items can make your desk more fun and stand out from others.

LEGO Marvel Infinity Gauntlet 

Who else can’t get over “The Avengers” movie series collection? Because I still can’t, and I know I’m not alone in this.  Featured in Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, no one can forget the Infinity Gauntlet. Having this on your desk might be a good idea if you’re an avid “Avengers” movie fan. It will undoubtedly capture attention from people passing by your desk. Some might even try to play with (if you’d let them). All of the Infinity Stones are complete on display and they also nailed the coloring and structure of the gauntlet. 

The set includes a very iconic nameplate. It’s just like the real thing with the authentic details that you can also find on the real Infinity Gauntlet. This model will really make you be immersed into the creative structure and recreate one of the most iconic, destructive, and strongest weapons that exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As soon as you open the box, the step-by-step guide will be the first thing you see. It’ll make you start building the 590-piece model ASAP. Immerse yourself into the adult Marvel fan collection that’ll surely, undoubtedly, and definitely level up your desk once you put this in it. 


Going through a swarm of wire chargers is not the best thing, well, they’re not a good thing at all. No one likes to have tangled wires inside their bag or even on their desk, it looks really messy. Don’t even get me started when your charger gets broken and the white cover of wiring rips little by little, I told you, not the best thing. Buying chargers over and over again is a huge waste of money. So, you can just buy one wireless charger and make it be the answer to all your charging problems. The Courant Catch:3 is really a life-changer and you will absolutely love it. As much as it could be your tech bestie, it can also be a good decoration on your desk. While you’re enjoying your wireless charger, it could also be the home of your essential items. Their wireless charger is a fast charger that will only take a little of your time then your phone is ready before you even know it. 

The sleek design is made from high-quality leather and it comes in a variety of colors that’ll fit your aesthetic. If you want to have that luxurious and sophisticated decor on your desk is an absolute must-have.

 ErgoFoam Foot Rest Under Desk (Tall) 

Branded ‘The Most Comfortable Foot Rest in the World’, the ErgoFoam footrest under the desk (tall) is really worth the hype. With ‘pure memory foam’ that gives the perfect firmness to provide you the optimal support you need while working. You can use it almost everywhere you want, you’ll also fall in love with the velvet texture that gives it a nice appearance that’s as nice as it can make you feel. The extra-tall footrest will ensure that you’re sitting upright to reduce fatigue and soreness on your back, knees, legs, and of course, your feet. It will also improve the circulation of your body which is a big help especially when you need to sit all day long. 

And lastly, no questions asked, with the warranty they give you, they’ll replace your item right away. As easy as 123.

Headphone Stand with USB Charger COZOO

Honestly, I love using headphones more than earphones while doing something that’s not on my phone, but what gets in the way of my enjoyment is the aftermath of it. I’m not lying when I say that headphones are really hard to store, especially when you have a lot of things on your desk. But, with COZOO’s Headphone Stand with USB Charger, everything will just be neat and stored properly. It’s not just a headphone stand, it has more features that’ll make you buy it for sure. It has three USB ports and two AC outlets. Its durability and the materials used in this product are the ultimate desk accessory that you can ever find. 

It’s basically a “one-stop that has all” type of device, I won’t even think twice about having this on my desk. Perfection *chef’s kiss*

Wooden Charging Dock Combo for iPhone & Apple Watch Charger

Organic and geometric shape, it’s perfect if you’re going for a modern and classic wooden vibe. It’s very stylish and also has a lot of features that include storing your phone and watch where you can locate it easily, it works as a charging station, and just looks ergonomically perfect but still keeps it simple. If you ever thought of buying it, you won’t just be the one who’s gonna benefit from it because, for every product you buy, a tree is planted. Isn’t that great?

The sleek design of the wooden dock can be hand-carved to the wood of your choice; solid walnut or oak wood. It really looks so classy, I’d definitely put this on my desk. 

Ember Mug

Coffee, Tea, or just any drink that you like, will be perfect in this mug. The Ember Mug will keep your morning booster drinks at the temperature that you want until the last drop. You can control the temperature on your phone which makes it even more convenient to use. Aside from its amazing features, the cup has a modern minimalist design that will undoubtedly fit any style that you’re going for. It’s very easy to set up on your phone so no pressure on those newbies on tech. 

What’s not to love on a cup that serves you your drink at the right temperature anytime? Nothing. If I were you, I’d be adding this to my cart right now. Go on. Add it to your cart. *winks* 

Satechi Trio Wireless Charging Pad

If you’re looking for something to charge all three of your devices at once, then Congratulations! You have found what you’re looking for. The Satechi Trio Wireless Charging Pad will be your best buddy when it comes to wireless charging several devices at once. It has a convenient space that’ll fit your Apple Watch, Airpods, and your iPhone. You can charge them all in one place.

It’s a place for all your devices and very ideal for unplanned trips because it doesn’t take up much space. Just like when you put it on your desk, three wireless chargers in one device. It will not take much space too and no one can beat that.

Apple Homepod Mini

A smart speaker that’s small and doesn’t take up much space, sounds perfect and convenient in every way. Jam-packed with all the features just like the large pod. It also delivers a big sound for a speaker its size. For a small size. It doesn’t take up much space but can fill the entire room with 360-degree audio that sounds good in any part of the room. For a small speaker, its audio performance is really surprising. You can even put a couple on your desk if you think one isn’t enough. It’s not bad if you want to have two of them, especially when you’re watching movies with the gang, you might need a louder sound. It really exceeds your expectations and is just pretty much suitable for any vibe and style you’re aiming to achieve. 

These are all the accessories that you must think of putting on your desk if you want it to be stylish and eye-catching. Some of it may come at a pricey cost but it’s all worth it and worth the hype. It might not be that essential but it’s really useful especially when you’re trying to save up your time and space while working. 

Accessories mostly define your style, taste, and preferences. It basically shows what kind of person you are, that may sound deep but it does. For instance, having a messy desk will make you come off as an irresponsible person rather than a busy one. While having a neat and organized desk will make good impressions that’ll give you a positive impact. In the end, it’s totally up to you on what style you are aiming to achieve and which accessories match that style. I hope this list helps you on organizing your desk. You can also share it with some friends and help them get ideas on how to make their desk more fashionable but ergonomically fit. 

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