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Who said that LEGO was only for kids? Adults will love some of the best packs available, which offer highly challenging projects to complete in your leisure time. LEGO kits for adults are a terrific option whether you’re searching for a quick break, a soothing hobby, or a way to recapture some memories.

Since being created by The Lego Group in 1949, Lego sets have become some of the most well-liked kids’ toys globally. In fact, there is such a devoted following for the sets that The Lego Group became the most successful toy manufacturer in 2021. Its expansion into producing Lego sets for adults is one of the factors contributing to the business’s ongoing success. The greatest Lego kits for adults tend to be more complex and can take hours of attention to finish. The advantage is that you have a physical record of your work. And you have probably spent less time staring at a screen. It’s time to reserve some time and a slot on your shelf if you haven’t built one of the best Lego kits since you were a kid.

The best LEGO sets, including Star Wars mega builds, vintage cars, and scenarios from Harry Potter. And while engineering projects of skyscrapers, vehicles, and trains, have been selected below.

Lego “Star Wars” Ultimate Millennium Falcon

By probably the most complicated Lego set we have ever seen, The Lego Company’s Ultimate Millennium Falcon makes a magnificent display piece when finished.

We’re willing to state that this Lego set reproducing the Millennium Falcon from “Star Wars” is undisputed. Despite the fact that Lego sets are continually developing and growing more complex. There is thorough accounting for every character, defensive system, exhaust pipe, and satellite. The ship that completed the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs can have Han Solo, Chewbacca, Luke, Leia, Rey, Poe, or Finn sitting in the pilot’s seat.

Assembling this Lego model will require a lot of time and space because the Millennium Falcon must be built from the inside out. The ship’s interior is certainly not something you’ll see very often, but you can be sure that it is a perfect duplicate of the original. It goes without saying that pieces of the Falcon can be removed to expose rooms where the various characters can reside.

Lego® DC Comics Super Heroes 76161 1989 Batwing

The Batman movie adaptations are well-known and have a sizable fan base on a global scale. In 2020, the 76161 1989 Batwing was launched as a piece in the Lego® DC theme.

The RRP for the 1976161 1989 Batwing is reasonable. The typical parts cost for a licensed Lego® build is affordable, and the POV of slightly about 470€ is sizable. The Lego® Batwing is marketed as an 18+ set. The majority of the target audience consists of AFOLs and DC movie enthusiasts. The set comes with 3 mini-figures, including 2 special Minifigures. They are worth more than 90 euros, based on the Lego marketplace Bricklink. The kit also comes with a wall mount and a plaque that lists the most crucial details about the Batwing. Due to these elements, collectors will find the 76161 1989 Batwing to be especially intriguing.

DC-themed Lego sets have a huge following among fans of the toy company, history has shown. By the start of July 2022, the 76139 1989 Batmobile. Which went out of production at the end of 2021, had already gained in value by 40% compared to its RRP. We assume a similar value evolution for the 76161 1989 Batwing because the sets are comparable in character.

LEGO Nasa Apollo Saturn V

The history of the LEGO Nasa Apollo Saturn V has been a little rocky: it was discontinued, and prices skyrocketed. And then it was reintroduced with a new set number but the same model. The Apollo spacecraft and rescue rocket are included. As well as an exact, meter-high scale model (about 1:110) of the Apollo Saturn V rocket, the S-IC first rocket stage, and the S-II second rocket stage. The lunar lander and orbiter are components of the Apollo spacecraft.

There are other nuances, like the usage of 1,969 pieces—the moon landing took place in 1969, after all—and the ability to recreate both the splashdown and takeoff, that show this LEGO set was lovingly crafted. The entire set, which also includes three platforms to display the rocket horizontally, is just amazing. It comes with three brand-new astronaut small figures.

It’s wonderful to see the Saturn V back because many people were upset when it was discontinued in the past. Not to mention that the price hasn’t changed. One of the best LEGO sets ever produced, it is very stunning.

Lego® Creator Expert 10275 Elf Club House

The Winter Village Collection of Lego® sets is highly well-liked. The Christmas season is when they are most in demand. An individual Christmas village can be made using the series’ component structures. The series’ sets are excellent investments if they can be purchased for a reasonable price. Ones from 2019 that are no longer available are the 10267 Gingerbread House and the 10249 Winter Toy Shop from 2015.

The series’ continuation—which is anticipated to end in 2022—is the 10275 Elf Club House. The best time to sell is during the winter, it should be highlighted. The RRP of the 10275 Elf Club House is currently 89,99€, yet it is still accessible.

Lego’s Harry Potter Diagon Alley

Look no further if you’re searching for an awesome adult build with lots of kid-friendly play possibilities. The majority of the establishments that made the young wizard’s favorite street what it is can be found in Lego’s enormous minifig-scale Diagon Alley, including Flourish & Blotts, Olivander’s, and the Daily Prophet office. There are also an enormous number of minifigs included in this set. The only thing that’s still missing is a full-scale Gringott’s, or maybe a Knockturn Alley for Harry to foolishly flue powder himself to; perhaps they are in the works?

Keep in mind that this is not to be confused with the very plain Diagon Alley promo set (40289), a 374-piece build that, despite its theme. Nonetheless manages to get prices of more than £140 in today’s market. Alternatively, there’s the more vintage Diagon Alley (10217) set, which is now selling for more than £600.

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