Best Swim Trunks for Men


It’s time to get a new pair of the Best Swim Trunks for Men since summer is just around the corner. Your swim trunks can be more than just a swimsuit; they can also be an expression of your particular style. Additionally, picking one that flatters you should be simple with the variety of styles, color schemes, and cuts you’ll discover in this guide.

Dive into the ultimate guide for summer style as we explore the best swim trunks for men, ensuring you make a splash in both fashion and functionality. From vibrant patterns to classic cuts, we’ll uncover the top picks that cater to every beachgoer’s taste. But the beachside adventure doesn’t end there – we’ll also shed light on the best sunglasses for men, offering not just protection from the sun’s rays but a style statement that complements your swimwear effortlessly. And because a day under the sun requires proper care, discover the best sunscreen for men to keep your skin shielded and moisturized while you enjoy the sun-soaked moments. Get ready to elevate your summer wardrobe and sun-care routine with our comprehensive recommendations!

The ideal pair of swimming shorts must complement the rest of your clothing flawlessly, from the fit to the material to the detailing. And won’t appear off the character if you’re lounging around the house, going for a run, or visiting the neighborhood bodega. And if the chance arises to stay the weekend at a summer house once or twice more often this season. Or endure the AC-less outdoors and swim in your friend’s sun-drenched pool? You’ll be fully prepared and dressed when the time comes. In light of all of this, here are some of the finest multipurpose, cutting-edge, and yep, all-around Best Swim Trunks for Men.

Patagonia Baggies

Baggies Shorts are the warm-weather versions of Patagonia’s mainstay cold-weather item, fleeces. Despite not being marketed as swim trunks especially, they are among the best we’ve tested due to their adaptability.

Nylon that has been entirely recycled and is lightweight and strong is perfect to make Patagonia Baggies. They include a water-repellent coating to keep you dry when you wear them while trekking. But they also have many aspects that are for totally submerged like swim trunks. When you’re in the water, you’ll discover that its vertical side pockets reduce drag, and the mesh interior makes it easier for water to drain rapidly when you exit the water.

They have also been the go-to summer outfit for a particular breed of fashionable young men in recent years as the fashion industry has shifted toward functional, outdoor-oriented clothing. Given that they are robust but lightweight, casual but presentable, dirt cheap as hell, and trend-proof in terms of fit, appearance, and function. It’s simple to see why they appeal to all those populations. Additionally, you can feel good about buying them because Patagonia makes them, a company that is virtually consistently on the positive side of history.

Birddogs Bathing Suit

Swim trunk mesh liners might be intolerable for some people. Others may find it offensive to the notion of wearing underpants in the water. If people really do not like mesh liners but don’t want to go bare in a set of unlined board shorts, you can use a pair of Birddogs bathing suits.

Built-in underwear is a feature found in all of Birddogs’ shorts and pants, but swim shorts with quick-drying fabric are especially wonderful examples. When you get out of the water, you won’t have to worry about your boxer briefs becoming wet because they will provide you with support. Currently, only three hues are offered, but they all have clever names like Shark King (a pun on Tiger King), Splashton Kutcher, and Inner Banks.

2(X)IST Ibiza Swim Short

The 4-inch inseam of the 2(X)IST Ibiza Swim Short, which sits high on the thigh, reveals a lot of leg. It’s meant for the beach after all, so exposing a very little leg is entirely OK. The fact that this style is still 2(X)IST’s biggest selling demonstrates how innovative they have been.

These would be for a poly micro twill that dries quickly, has a pleasant handfeel. And is robust enough for beach-related activities. They have a built-in pouch and inside webbing that are exceptionally convenient for all-day wear. There are four colorful variations of the Ibiza swim short.

Orlebar Brown “Bulldog” mid-length jacquard swim shorts

In the world of menswear, it might be challenging to create a brand-new gold standard. To reinvent something well-known to the point that it becomes the benchmark for all upcoming iterations. With the appropriately called New Standard jeans from A.P.C., rigid selvage denim was introduced to a whole modern trend. With the Achilles Low, Common Projects’ opulent Italian-made twist on the traditional white tennis shoe. They succeeded in doing so as well. And Orlebar Brown used the Bulldog to accomplish the same feat for swimwear a little over ten years ago.

They’re from a soft, quick-dry nylon that won’t significantly fade over time. And they’re just as carefully fashioned as suit trousers. Complete with attractive buckled side tabs to keep ’em extra snug in the waves, accessible pockets, and a zip fly.

Tommy Bahama Epic Ombre Board Shorts

The Epic Ombre Board Shorts have a thinner appearance and a shortened inseam that reaches just above the knee. Unlike many other board shorts that can give the impression that men with slender legs are swimming in the shorts rather than the water. They are from recycled polyester, dry rapidly, and contain supporting mesh netting without being constricting. Additionally, the material has a 30 SPF, which is a benefit. Two slash front pockets and a third pocket in the rear are further features of these shorts. The nostalgic color scheme has an aqua-to-orange abstract sunset that is unmistakably from the 1980s.

J. Crew Seersucker Swim Trunk

It makes perfect sense that they since seersucker, which has light cotton fabric, that screams summer with this traditional fabric to create a contemporary. Slimmer-fitting swimsuit that is neither too long nor too short.

The six-inch inseam of the Seersucker Swim Trunk, which hits mid-thigh, is slim without being clinging. It includes a drawstring waist and a mesh interior. In addition to a back pocket with a button closure, the trunks offer two side slash pockets. It comes in the two traditional seersucker colors of pink and white and turquoise with white. When you’re far from a beach or pool, you can still dress stylishly in these.


In conclusion, finding the perfect swim trunks is crucial for a stylish and comfortable beach or pool experience. As you embark on your quest for the ideal pair, don’t forget to consider the importance of what lies beneath—choosing the best men’s underwear brands can enhance both support and confidence. Remember, the right combination of swim trunks and underwear can make a splash in both fashion and functionality, ensuring you’re ready to dive into any summer adventure with unparalleled comfort and style. So, explore the vast options available, prioritize quality and fit, and make a statement at the water’s edge with the best swim trunks and men’s underwear brands tailored to your taste and preferences.

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