Best Yoga Mats for Guys


Yoga mats are a very adaptable piece of exercise gear and a necessary component of many at-home exercise regimens. Having the best yoga mat for guys that offers the ideal amount of grip and support is crucial whether you practice at home or a nearby studio. Even though selecting a mat might seem simple, there are a few things to keep in mind, such as portability, grip and feel, padding and thickness, as well as overall value.

To develop the best yoga mat for guys that feels rooted and long-lasting, the best yoga mats can make a significant difference. What you need to know about choosing the ideal yoga mat for your vinyasa flow, whether you prefer a home practice or sessions at your neighborhood yoga studio, is provided below. Once you’ve discovered a mat that suits you, think about enhancing your practice using yoga blocks and other beneficial accessories.

Yoga mats need to be supportive and comfortable, have enough grip to prevent slipping and be easy to carry and clean. To the park from your house, or back to your favorite studio or gym for in-person classes. Here are the best yoga mat for guys!

Lululemon’s The Reversible Mat 5mm

The mat from Lululemon has two surfaces: a smooth, “sticky” polyurethane side that causes your hands and feet to stick to it, and a spongy, “grippy,” natural rubber side that instead offers traction through a textured surface. Whether you do hot yoga, restorative yoga, or simply perspire a lot, this allows you to adjust how much traction you need. Natural rubber that is 5 millimeters thick is supportive, preventing the floor from being penetrated by delicate knees and elbows. It’s slightly larger than a conventional mat, measuring 3 inches longer and 2 inches broader, so it allows you some breathing room without taking up a lot of room in a crowded classroom or tiny location.

Yoloha Unity Cork

Every test seems to be outdone by the Yoloha Unity Cork Mat. The bottom layer of foam provides a softer platform for delicate knees and elbows while the top layer of the cork-rubber combination offers outstanding wet and dry traction. The surface is antibacterial and easy to clean, so even if you forget to wipe it off after a few sweaty classes, your mat won’t begin to smell. Typically, rubber has a distinct fragrance, but the Unity Cork has a pleasant aroma right out of the packaging. This mat works well on grass, carpet, and hard floors because of the construction’s ability to provide stability on softer surfaces.

Although the Unity offers incredible wet and dry grip, it does need a brief break-in period to reach its full capabilities. When using it for the first time, you could sway a little. It can take some time for the cork-rubber combination to dry because it is highly absorbent. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that a cork yoga mat with such amazing grip, softness, and stability costs a lot of money. It’s well worth the cost, however, some people could find the price to be a deterrent. If you’re searching for a cork yoga mat with an excellent wet and dry grip, an antimicrobial surface, and a cozy foam bottom layer, this Unity is a fantastic choice.

Manduka PRO

The Manduka PRO is a very supportive yoga mat if you’re seeking one that will last for your inversion and balance asana practice. It is thick and sturdy, making it ideal for any technique that calls for a large level of balance. Once broken in, this Oeko-Tex-certified PVC six-millimeter mat provides a great dry grip and a respectable wet grip. The sturdy mat won’t budge when you thrust your legs up into a handstand or return to a plank after a downward dog. PVC is not the most “eco-friendly” material for a yoga mat, but it is also quite durable, so you won’t need to replace it every year like you would a rubber mat that is less resilient.

The traction on this mat initially leaves a lot to be desired, both with wet and dry hands. It is ideal to start off cautiously and work your way up to a more challenging yoga lesson once it has been thoroughly broken in. By liberally coating the unrolled mat with sea salt, leaving it in the sunlight for 24 hours, wiping off the salt with a damp, clean towel, and laying it flat to dry, you can also hasten the break-in process. Although this procedure is quite laborious, Gosh does it have an impact! If lifespan and support are your primary concerns, the PRO is worth the money and effort.

GuruGrid Eco-Friendly Premium

The GuruGrid Eco-Friendly Premium is a great choice if you’re seeking a yoga mat to advance your alignment. If you practice without a mirror, the numbered grid makes it much simpler to monitor your development, verify your alignment, and locate the sweet spot. After yoga sessions, the top layer of polyurethane is smooth and simple to clean. Although it suffers a little in wet situations, the wet grip is still extremely outstanding. The traction is great in dry weather.

This mat is on the thin side, measuring only 3.5 millimeters. Despite this, it still offers a lot of support and passable comfort. If you need a little extra comfort for your knees, it is also simple to fold over; just be careful not to form a crease when doing so. Although it is a touch hefty at 4.5 pounds, the mat rolls up tightly and the sticky surface keeps it folded up without the need for a strap. Additionally, the weight keeps the edges flatter. If you need a little alignment help, the GuruGrid is generally a great investment.

B Yoga B Mat Everyday

The B Yoga B Mat Everyday has astounding popularity. You almost expect to have a sticky residue on your hands after practicing because of how strong the grip is. 100% non-slip rubber that is four millimeters thick provides good support and comfort. It also doesn’t need a break-in period, though the rubber does have a distinct fragrance, so you might want to let it air out before bringing it to your first class. Fortunately, the stench goes away shortly.

Despite how unique this one of the best yoga mat for guys is from the competition thanks to its grip, some yoga activities may be hampered by it. The mat will be too slippery if you prefer a faster-paced practice, like Ashtanga. Your flow can be hampered by the traction. On that topic, the top layer of the sticky mat can become damaged if you continually drag your feet across it quickly. For intense yoga, this B Mat Everyday is not strong enough. The B Mat Everday is fantastic if you want a mat that grabs your back and intends to move slowly.

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