The Ultimate Guide Of Men’s Fall Outfits


Layers. Recall those? Before circumstances forced you to limit your wardrobe to shorts, tanks, and slides to avoid sweating yourself into an early grave, you used to wear them. So, it’s finally time to reacquaint yourself with them. The arrival of fall means that all the robust and considerate combinations that your fits have probably needed recently will be here soon. Here are a bunch of men’s fall outfits—from eye-catching outerwear to durable boots—that are worth picking up right now to get you back on track.

Welcome to the definitive source for mastering your style this fall with The Ultimate Guide of Men’s Fall Outfits. As the crisp air descends and leaves paint the streets in warm hues, it’s time to elevate your wardrobe game. This comprehensive guide not only unveils the latest trends and timeless classics but also delves into the crucial accessories that can make or break your autumn look. Discover the art of layering, explore the season’s must-have textures, and stay ahead with insights on the best scarf for men and the finest hats for guys. Whether you’re aiming for casual sophistication or rugged charm, this guide has you covered, ensuring you step out in style with the perfect ensemble tailored for the autumnal breeze.

Knitwear Everywhere

Vince Crochet Short Sleeve Button Down Shirt

Sweaters are still popular and have had a solid start to the year. You may incorporate them into your outfit in a few different ways because of their imposing appearance. Buy a sweater vest if you want a great mid-layer. If you want something extremely warm, choose a classic crewneck sweater or a strong roll-neck wool sweater as you might see fishermen wearing. Knit polos are also a popular choice right now and are frequently seen on Hollywood A-listers like Tom Holland and Dwayne Johnson. They are also a great option if you’re searching for something opulent and sophisticated. There is no incorrect way to wear it, as our men’s fall outfits guide demonstrates.

The mens fall outfits from Bonobos feature some seriously outstanding knit polos in addition to some of the company’s iconic animal sweaters, like bears and red pandas. One of the most popular menswear trends of the summer was knit polo shirts, and for the fall they won’t be going anywhere.

Double-Breasted Jacket

Zara Double-Breasted Blazer

Tailoring, which we previously noted as a spring trend, is still popular for fall fashion, albeit with a little different twist: the double-breasted sports jacket. A DB is not only a bold and stylish appearance, but it also looks good on most people. The trick to styling it is to treat it like a jacket, so wear it with jeans, khakis, or whatever else is in your closet. I still remember the time I saw a DB dressed on Netflix’s Queer Eye with a pair of Adidas track trousers. The more Richard Gere from American Gigolo you resemble, the better. Additionally, don’t be scared to play around with patterns.

Take a Hike

Prana Hiking Pants

Gear for hiking and activities closely related to hiking is stylish and frequently functional. Whether they are high-top or low-cut, hiking boots provide a lot of padded support while moving about. When worn as socks or as a shirt, materials like merino wool actively keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Even fleece jackets work well as a warm mid-layer layered underneath a coat. To avoid going overboard, just make sure to use them sparingly in your ensembles.

Animal Prints

Blackstock & Weber Ellis Penny Loafer

In full force, this fall is animal prints, particularly cheetah prints, which were formerly the domain of hair metal rock stars. The secret to making an animal print work is to use it sparingly, just like you would with any other pattern, print, or design. Prior to moving on to an entire outfit featuring an animal print shirt, jacket, or pair of pants, it might be preferable to start with a pair of shoes. Whatever method you choose, you might believe that wearing it elevates you to the rank of the sartorial monarch.

All Red

Chuck Taylor All-Star Classic Sneaker

Red clothing is not for the timid. Because of how bright it naturally is, the color frequently speaks for itself without needing to say anything further. The chance to make a statement with just one piece is fantastic, though. Red is likely to be quite striking, so we advise wearing it as the finishing touch to your outfit. If you’re adorning your upper body, choose to wear the color as part of a heavy coat or jacket; if you’re adorning your lower body, choose the color as your main pair of pants. If you’re feeling particularly daring, wearing a whole red outfit will surely turn some heads.

Leather Weather

H&M Faux Leather Jacket

Leather is the best material by far for making a strong statement in a simple item. In this, we’re discussing jackets (although, if you want to rock leather pants, feel free). Even yet, there are many choices within the jacket category, including bombers, biker jackets, and even leather blazers if you want to project a ’90s vibe. There are several excellent vegan leather solutions to take into consideration if you have ethical reservations about using leather so you won’t miss out on this fall’s hottest trend.

Big is in!

J.Crew Giant Fit Chino Pant

Big is in for this fall’s wardrobe, especially when it comes to your jeans. You should definitely dress in items with larger cuts right now. To be clear, we’re not suggesting that you go out and buy a pair of JNCO pants. Try an outfit more in line with the pleated pants from the 1980s and 1990s. You still want a little bit of taper to them, but you also want plenty of leeway in the thighs and calves to avoid having your legs seem like sausage meat.

J.Crew’s new “Giant” chinos are a fantastic place to start (if you can find them in stock). They’re not nearly as large as they seem, so don’t be alarmed. These huge chinos are expected to be widely imitated, making bolder, bigger pants one of the top men’s autumn fashion trends of 2022.

Shearling jackets 

Uniqlo Pile-Lined Short Jacket

Bane and Killmonger aren’t the only ones who wear shearling jackets. They were previously a standard of luxury labels, but they are now outrageously affordable. Since Levi’s shearling jackets have long been a favorite staple, you can expect to see them this autumn in a variety of cuts and styles. Even shearling is being used by certain designers to embellish sweaters. Shearling will offer plenty of warmth when you need it for all of your fall fashion demands. Regardless of how you choose to wear it.

Belted Coats

Banana Republic Classic Trench Coat

Belts are significant. However, when used on a wool or trench coat, they acquire an intriguing new context. An otherwise drapey silhouette can be given some structure with the help of a belt, making for some eye-catching outfits. You can do this to bring the material further closer to your body for added warmth. Bonus points if you can find a belted coat in a plaid or even houndstooth design. But these are a terrific choice for our autumn fashion guide.


As the crisp autumn leaves blanket the streets and temperatures drop, mastering the art of men’s fall fashion becomes paramount. From layering techniques to the choice of fabrics, this ultimate guide has equipped you with the knowledge to navigate the season in style. As a finishing touch to your impeccable fall wardrobe, don’t forget to explore the world of accessories, particularly the game-changer – stylish hats for men. Elevating your ensemble with the Stylish Hats for Men not only adds a touch of flair but also serves as a practical shield against the brisk fall winds. So, go ahead, embrace the autumnal vibes, and step out confidently adorned in the finest fall outfits, complete with the perfect hat to cap off your sartorial journey.

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