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Nowadays, the trend when it comes to office setups is to reduce clutter and keep everything simple and tidy. What is a minimalist desk setup? You might ask. A minimalist desk setup is not just an ordinary “putting things on your desk” type of thing. It is a tidy, well-organized, and modern-looking desk setup that is very convenient for home, office, or gaming spaces. And, there is nothing more satisfying to the eye than a clean and minimal desk. A minimal setup might look so simple, but it has its own personal depth meaning that can interpret your personality and character vibe. 

Minimalism doesn’t mean that you’re gonna have a dull, lifeless, and boring workspace. It’s basically just styling your desk based on your personality in small ways. This time, we put together a list of desk setup ideas that can be your inspiration for the next redecoration of your desk.  If you don’t have a desk yet, don’t worry we got your back. We also made a list of the best desks that you’ll wanna use

Setting a Minimalist Tone

Setting a mood when you’re working from home has become one of the important things that we all need to do in order to achieve a perfect minimalist desk setup. It’s not just about the things you put together to form a minimal setup, it’s also the vibe that you get to boost you in accomplishing every task that you need to get done on that day. 

A messy desk makes us really lazy at work, not gonna lie. This is where minimalism takes the throne. Minimalism works best for people who need peace and calmness around them in order to get the job done. The less clutter, the fewer distractions, the faster you finish the task. 

Minimalism doesn’t really mean to get rid of all that you have and buy new ones, it could also work by rearranging and decluttering your desk, in a more simple and neat way. Let’s cut the chase, minimalism is a trend nowadays, and I know you don’t wanna miss out on something big. Now, I’ll be getting to that idea that will bring your working vibe to the next level. 

Home minimal desk setups

Nowadays, working from home has become everyone’s everyday task. So, with that being said, home minimalist desk setup are very popular. It has this clean, simple, and of course, homey vibe that will make you feel cozy and comfy even when you’re working. 

Art pieces can also give a homey vibe and you can also use it by looking at it when you need to think of something, focus, and relax. Here’s a list of art pieces that you’ll wanna put to make your deck look better. 

All-white minimal desk setups

An all-white design is always an option when you wanna have a simple and minimalistic desk setup design. Why? Simply because it’s white. Nothing can’t go wrong with white. 

White adds a bright and clean appearance to any workspace, it also works with any existing stuff you have on the desk that needs a little rearrangement, lastly, it makes your desk look bigger and more spacious. It is simply perfect.

All-black minimal desk setup

The stealth-like look of an all-black desk setup will make you feel a little bit mysterious and very manly. The sleek and sophisticated look so professional and an all-black setup makes everything easier to maintain and clean because it doesn’t show visible dust and stains are unnoticeable. 

2-monitor minimal desk setups

Using a multi-monitor desk setup can help you increase your productivity a lot more. You can combine monitors using a standing desk which can help you work easier and faster. This is very ideal for programmers, copywriters, and photographers. The second monitor can be used as a resource for added display space. 

Working and comparing things on your computer just got way easier. It’s not hard to organize because it’s just like moving two monitors in one swift motion. 

College minimal desk setups

When you’re in college, minimalism might not be your number one priority since you have lots of books and coursework just scattered everywhere. But, there’s always room for improvement. Start with your desk and from there, you can work yourself through the entire room. You can put a pegboard organizer, little cabinets to put all the pens scattered all around, and stack your books on the corner. Don’t forget to put it on a desk mat for your laptop’s safety. Just enjoy rearranging and you’ll get the hang of minimalism in no time. 

L-shaped minimal desk setups

If you need a lot of space to work, then an L-shaped desk setup might be a key to a better working experience. It’s also convenient because it can give you more storage to put all the files you need in a very accessible area.  Buying an L-shaped desk will maximize your workspace so you can get the most out of it. It’s very practical if you’re gonna ask me.

Natural wood minimal desk setups 

A natural wood minimal desk setup might be hard to achieve, but once you get all the pieces right, you’ll be done in no time. Without a doubt, natural wood also brings an elegant but rustic look that you’d definitely love. It’s very eco-friendly and ergonomic if you’re gonna ask me. Natural wood gives us a relaxing and calming feeling that you’ll definitely love. And also, it gives off a fresh and warm vibe.

Ikea minimal desk setups

When we want new things in our home, the first store that most of us probably run to is Ikea. You can’t go ring with their products because it’s very durable and reliable. If you search minimalist desk setup on Pinterest, you’ll see a lot of Ikea procedures used in each setup. A home office setup with an aesthetic desk setup is one of the most common priorities of Ike when it comes to designing. All of the desks they offer are minimalistic which will make it easier to find something you’ll like. Generally, Ikea furniture is the majority of minimalistic products. Just use your imagination on what setup you wanna see when you work. 

Standing desk minimal setups

A standing desk can be one of the key elements that you want on your work-from-home setup. As we all know, sitting for hours every day may be bad for our health. Standing desks can help you have a better posture and make us stay productive all day. They also hide everything that we don’t want to be seen on our aesthetic desk. The chords, cables, and other not-so-pleasing to the eyes stuff. 

Gaming minimal desk setups

Organizing a gaming desk setup is fun and exciting. Your gaming character might always be on full power but when it comes to your battle station, the “less is more” phrase is more accurate. You need a space to move your mouse around, or your controller, so having so much on your desk might just lead to another defeat fight. With the right combination of tech, decor, and accessories, you can create a sleek, simple, and minimal but fun gaming setup. 

The Mad Men Aesthetic

Lastly, the iconic TV show Mad Men was decades ago, but the aesthetic masculine style it left was still carried until today. The combination of leather and wood makes working from home a bit fun. Imagine you’re one of the cast, isn’t that fun? You don’t need expensive stuff to assemble this because you can see a lot of inspirational photos just like the one on top which will definitely make assembling a leather and wood desk setup easier. 

You can make your desk more minimalistic by just rearranging your stuff and organizing it in a more proper and clean way. If you use your desk for work and school, make sure to keep your files, notebooks, pens, and books in neat order. Also, if you don’t want your chords and accessories to be seen in your setup, use some cable ties to put them together but detail them if necessary. And, if you use your desk for gaming, remove the objects you don’t use from the desk and put them where they are supposed to. Only leave the things you use a lot on the desk and remove other things that you don’t. Make sure you organize your headphones, controllers, mouse, and keyboard well to have the ultimate minimalist setup.

There could be more interesting setups that exist, but these ones on the list have a lot in common. Minimalism. It’s simple and sleek yet very stylish. Leave your friends in awe with this game-changing desk setup that will make working a lot more fun. 

And, remember, being minimalist does great things not just for the environment you work in but also for you and your mental state. It gives you clarity, peace, space, and freedom to express yourself better. It also improves your focus and keeps your mind positive and happier. 

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