Patrón Tequila Review


Patrón is a well-known tequila brand, and its Silver Tequila is one of the market’s hottest spirits. It is extensively marketed and can be found in practically every bar and liquor store. It is from Jalisco, Mexico, from blue Weber agave.

Patrón makes a wide range of tequilas, including aged reposados and añejos, as well as various prestige tequilas and tequila-based liqueurs. Though some tequila connoisseurs say that other tequilas on the market outperform it in terms of quality and flavor, Patrón is a suitable entry point into premium tequila. You can have it straight or as a shot, and it makes an excellent cocktail mixer for margaritas and classic tequila beverages such as the tequila sunrise and Paloma.

It’s all from a bottle!

Patrón is a premium tequila from 100 percent Blue Weber Agave, a recipe developed in an era rife with “mix to” tequila (essentially cheap swill produced by mixing distilled agave with up to 49 percent rough, flavorless firewater that can be made from any old starch you like). The beauty of the hand-blown glass container, more than agave, inspired the brand. The exquisite bottle was brought back on a business trip to Mexico by DeJoria’s future business partner. And while what was inside was supposedly a nightmare, the bottle itself was so magnificent that it inspired the brand’s “absolutely flawless” motto.

What’s so good about it?

An earthy “sunshine” vibe touches the nose with a delectable sweet and smooth agave kiss before you taste Patrón Silver. The palate is ultra-smooth and seductive, evolving into a warm caramel with soft butter and a hint of spice. It concludes with a stronger spiciness and a lingering, warm sweetness.


Patrón Silver Tequila is unaged and serves as the foundation for all Patrón Spirits Company products. Patrón also makes reposado (aged three to five months), añejo (aged over a year), and extra-añejotequila in the same line (aged at least three years).

  • Gran Patrón is a luxury-grade range that comprises Platinum (triple-distilled silver tequila), Piedra (aged in French Limousin and American oak barrels for three years), and Burdeos (finished in Bordeaux wine barrels). These are all 80-proof tequilas. The Smoky expression is a 50.5 percent ABV (101 proof) silver tequila distilled from mesquite-roasted agave piñas.

  • Roca Patrón is an updated series of tequilas that comprises silver, reposado, and aejo. They are entirely from the tahona technique and are at 42 to 45 percent ABV (84 to 90 proof).

  • Patrón XO Café is a coffee liqueur from tequila and with Arabica coffee. It’s at 35% ABV (70 proof) and makes a good substitution for other coffee liqueurs in cocktail recipes.

  • Patrón Citrónge is a line of fruit-infused tequila liqueurs from Patrón. The original Citrónge has an orange flavor and is the flavor perfect for most cocktail recipes that call for Citrónge. It’s also a great addition to tequila-based cocktails with other orange liqueurs. Lime, mango, and pineapple liqueurs is also in the lineup.

  • Patrón releases limited edition tequilas on a regular basis. Tequilas prepared with estate-grown agave, some aged longer than usual or finished in unusual barrels, and tequilas that are either special mixes or packaged in collector bottles or tins are examples of these.

The “one” guy…

When it comes to mixing, barreling, and aging Patrón, one man makes the decisions, and he also owns what is perhaps Mexico’s trendiest leather jacket. Francisco Alcaraz is the world’s first tequila inspector, which we have to presume is the best type of inspector after Inspector Gadget. Alcaraz has been evaluating tequila for nearly 50 years, and his exceedingly tight standards are a big influence — if not the actual backbone — in the brand’s success.


The ancient Tahona procedure, in which cruel tequila distillers compel a donkey to drag a big volcanic stone over agave hearts prior to heating and distilling them to make tequila. (We presume that the donkey despises his life.) Patrón still uses donkeys, but they employ technology to drag big, specifically carved stones across their agave hearts, creating a unique vegetal flavor that they then mix with a part of citrusy tequila created using the contemporary Roller Mill method.

How to Drink Patrón Tequila?

Any of Patrón’s tequilas, especially the aged tequilas, are delicious straight from the bottle. Pour a shot into a rock’s glass and slowly sip it for a relaxing experience. The silver tequila can be a great straight shot and is also a wonderful choice for other tequila shot ideas.

Patrón Silver is an excellent choice for cocktails. It’s a great addition to any tequila drink recipe and tastes best when combined with fresh fruits. This tequila enjoys a wide range of fruits. From orange to blackberry and grapefruit to cranberry, and its waves of agave cut through the back of the fruit in a delectable way that’s difficult to resist.

Pouring any of the higher-end silver or aged tequilas into beverages will simply add depth. The aged tequilas are ideal for whiskey-style cocktails such as the reposado old-fashioned. The Smoky expression works well as a substitute for mezcal.

Mega-brand with small business vibes

Yes, there is a large, beautiful Hacienda Patrón, which houses the distillery, and La Casona, a year-old private guesthouse that looks like it belongs to a James Bond villain. Patrón, on the other hand, takes pleasure in its moderation. According to the firm, only 60 hands work on each bottle (which is actually a minimal number considering production levels), and only “eight families provide 80 to 95 percent” of Patrón’s agave plants.

Swaggy but hippie

Patrón may have a tiny… swag factor, but the brand is extremely eco-conscious. They reuse the distillation water and compost 100 percent of the discarded agave hearts — around 5,500 tons of compost per year — to feed the hacienda’s garden, which in turn feeds Patrón personnel. In order to cut CO2 emissions, they also share compost with the local community and erected a natural gas pipeline. And, we presume, take regular hacky sack breaks.


For all the “swifties” out there, this one is for you. Patrón, like everyone’s favorite and unavoidable ex-girlfriend, was born in 1989. We don’t know how many celebrity hearts it’s shattered, or whether it’s still on good terms with Jake Gyllenhaal. But the brand, like Swift, has probably resulted in more than a few heartbreak stories.

And, there you have it! The Patron Tequila Review that everyone needs! Don’t forget to share this list with your friends and have fun trying diff. types of Patron!

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