10 Desks You Need In Your Apartment


A desk has so many purposes and every space needs one. Whether you’re working from home, studying, or just need something to check your mails and stuff, there is always a perfect desk for you. Having the right desk is the key to a perfect space. Some people might think that desks are supposed to be big, but no, there are also small desks that will fit in your space just the way you like. Nowadays, everyone works from home, and having a desk is a must. I’m not lying when I say that you don’t wanna work on your bed, and also that’s not a good habit.

With this in mind, we’ve selected the best desks that you wanna have in your apartment. There are always better options like a floating desk, ladder desk, and the common writing desk that can be convenient for people who work or write. 

IKEA Vittsjö Desk

Ikea has been producing the best home furniture that we could find at a reasonable price including desks. And there is no doubt that those pieces of furniture are really sturdy and durable. If you want a minimalist option, then the IKEA Vittsjö Desk is the perfect one for you. It’s big enough to fit a laptop and a mouse to use for your work needs. The minimalist design allows you to focus on what only needs to be done. Its height is enough for you to have a better sitting position so you won’t have a strain and just have the correct posture. Plus, when you’re done using the desk, it would definitely make a good side table. 

Winston Porter Tyriq Ladder Desk

While this might look like a bookshelf, this can also be used as a desk with its sleek and slim design that doesn’t take up too much space in your room. The size of the entire piece is perfect for small spaces, even corners. The strong and sturdy build makes it a great support to hold a computer and your books, you can even put in some accessories if you’d like.

Loring Wood Writing Desk with Drawers

At first glance, this desk might look like an ordinary and simple writing desk. Look closer, it’s much more. Aside from the two drawers, the desk also features a compartment at the back of it that when you flip, will reveal two power outlets and two USB ports that will definitely come in handy. 

Ameriwood Home Owen Retro Hairpin Desk

The timeless oak finish design makes this desk look good as ever. The hairpin-legged desk is perfect for tight spaces or for people on a budget. It’s a great accessory for everywhere in your apartment. This retro desk will give any room of the house an industrial and modern feel. The unit was crafted from sturdy and durable particleboard matched with powder-coated metal legs. It’s very easy to maintain and clean, it only needs dusting and wiping by a dry cloth or you can damp it a little if needed. 

Mid-Century Fold Out Desk

The Mid-Century Fold Out Desk is great for saving space and optimizing your workspace in any area or space. The solid, durable, and sturdy design is constructed from a natural finish mango wood that is very easy to fold out when you need it and keep tidy when you don’t. It features a  secret storage compartment that offers plenty of space for pencils, papers, files, and everything else that you need. A modern and rustic accent will be a good fit for your home. 

Pilsen Graphite Desk with Walnut Top

For people who love industrial and modern design, this is the perfect desk for you. The Pilsen Graphite Desk with Walnut Top has a mix of glass and steel is a perfect combination. A warm Walnut veneer desktop adds a touch of minimalism to the desk that’ll fit any style and vibe of the apartment that you have. The durable frame that holds the whole desk together is undoubtedly durable and sturdy which, for sure, will last for a long time. It comes in two colors, Walnut, and glass. The minimalism of this desk is an absolute 10 out of 10. 

Simple Living Rollins Desk

The simple elegance looks really good on this Simple Living Rollins Desk. The desk features a pine wood frame and a medium-density fiberboard top. The desk also has a single long drawer which is perfect for storing your documents and other office supplies. You really can’t go wrong with this desk. It’s an all-in-one drawer that will really save you some space and will really fit anywhere. You can put it anywhere in your house and it will fit just perfectly. 

Simple Living Manhattan Gold Metal Desk

Give your modern desk setup a minimalist style with this Simple Living Manhattan Gold Metal Desk. The gold-finished metal frame features squared legs and a luxurious and elegant, tempered-glass tabletop. It’s sturdy and stylish, this sleek piece is easy to maintain and accessorize. For a sleek modern look, the Manhattan Desk is gorgeous and very stylish. With a stunning metal frame and a spacious, tempered-glass tabletop, it’s glamorous without being over the top. It’s also very easy to decorate as it goes with almost everything. 

Blu Dot Cant Desk

The unique and modern shape of this Blu Dot desk will definitely stand out in any area you put your workspace. Plus, the top shelf is a great storage spot for your books, notebooks, pencil cups, and any other items. The Cant Desk by Blu Dot features a modern and clean look that will make a great stage for hard work. Or updating your Instagram so everybody knows you just bought a unique, classy, and modern study desk. The desktop is in a warm walnut with putty grey or humble red accents or white-ash veneer with a white steel accent. It will really create a nice vibe that you need for all the paperwork you have. 

Wade Logan Maldonado Glass Desk

This glass desk is a real trendsetter. It will undoubtedly give your apartment a classy, modern, and unique style that you can’t see in other writing desks. The visually exciting, architectural frame, pairs beautifully with the simple, heavy-edged, clear glass top. With a nice detailing that floats the glass top above the frame creating a diverse aesthetic that will elevate any décor. Arrange the desk in the ideal spot to check emails or write a quick note to a friend. Create a home office with high style or make use of that corner of the family room that needs a sophisticated and elegant uplift. It’s a real game-changer. 

There you go! The list of the must-have desks that you should put in your apartment for a game-changing look. If you don’t have other ideas on what else to put in your apartment yet, this list is perfect and I’m sure will help you a lot. I hope this list helped you a lot and if it did, might as well share it with some of your friends. It’s always nice to help people out. I hope you have fun reading this article!

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