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There are times when we can’t avoid misplacing our papers, losing our pens, and forgetting our flash drives. It’s always a good character to come prepared and be professional. Carrying a briefcase can be the nicest and easiest thing you can do for yourself. There is always the right briefcase that suits your needs as well as matches your everyday working outfit. Sometimes, your job demands being well-equipped and using effective gear in order to work the best. When you’re aiming to get that promotion, a briefcase can make you look better. Also professional enough to leave a remarkable impression that will leave everyone in awe. You need to look good, feel confident, and always be organized to perform well at work. 

The right briefcase can make you appreciate and love what you do. It will also remind you of how better you can be than everyone else. Also, it can look stylish with your desk, let’s not forget that speaking of which, we made a list of desks that might help you be more stylish even when you’re working.  But, it’s not only about the briefcase, it’s also about the performance. When your job calls for professional attire, it’s not just about the suit, it’s also about what you carry. For this list, we picked out the best briefcases that will level up your formal attire and make you look even more professional. Now without further ado, let’s get right to it!

Warren Top Zip Workbag

If you’re searching for a bag that can do everything, then this Warren Top Zip Workbag is the perfect one for you. This bag is perfect for everything that you have going on in your life. The briefcase could be used in work and outside work. This ideal bag can provide proper storage for all your belongings and secure them safely. It can also match your outfits and make you look so professional any time of the day. The material used for this briefcase is leather which makes it very easy to maintain. 

Now, I will give you a short “briefing” on what you’ll see when you decide to get this briefcase. It has an adjustable strap, fits up to 15” laptops, and several compartments that will surely become handy when you have things to bring for work. It will definitely give you a head start on that promotion that you’ve been wanting.

Mancini Luxurious Italian Leather Attache Case

Classic, Elegant, and luxurious. Those are the three words that perfectly describe the resemblance of the Mancini Luxurious Italian Leather Attache Case. Made with the finest quality Italian leather, this attaché case will take your professionalism up a notch. It may look simple on the outside, but the inside of this briefcase will make you fall in love with it. But, before we go to the inside part of this attaché case let’s appreciate the outer part of it first. The soft suede leather lined bag really makes it look so expensive. And it also includes a two-combination lock that ensures your things’ safety. 

Moving on, the inside part of this attaché case is really convenient for keeping your files smooth as air and it also has organized pockets that will keep your things in order. And lastly, you can even have it customized with your engraved initials that will make you appreciate it more. 

Augus Leather Messenger Bag 

This vintage-style bag is crafted from pure full-grain leather from Italy, matched with silver hardware that sums up its sturdy and durable quality. This messenger bag will keep all of your stuff in place. It can fit a 17” laptop and it also has a lot of pockets that will be convenient for keeping them in order. It will definitely meet your needs and match your qualifications when it comes to briefcases. Aside from being a briefcase that you can carry on your shoulder or your hands, it also can become a backpack. Which can become helpful when your hands and shoulders get tired of doing all the work. 

RoadPro SPC-931R

The aluminum exterior of this briefcase is what makes it unique and stand out among other briefcases. The battle between metal and leather is quite a strong competition knowing that the two have good cards to use in the game. Leather might be a better choice when matching your shoes and belts but aluminum can give a more elegant accent to your whole look. So if you want an eye-catching look when you go to the office, the best choice could be this briefcase. 

The RoadPro SPC-931R can be a great alternative for everyone who’s looking for an affordable one but can carry their stuff more conveniently even if it doesn’t have a divider between your laptop and your files. This is not really an issue because it can still store it properly anyways, and lastly, you can’t go wrong with aluminum because it’s safe from any weather, rain, or shine, you’ll still be able you bring it with you.

Samsonite Classic Leather 

If you’re still new in choosing a briefcase but need one that speaks excellence, this could be the right one for you. This Samsonite Classic Leather is the result of a reasonable choice and a high-quality look. It will look stylish everywhere you go. It has a compartment for everything that you need to store safely. The pockets of this bag are dedicated to filing organization, so say goodbye to the messy and untidy stuff that you have. 

Every professional needs a bag that makes organizing and storing files easier, so you should just put your trust in this bag and get it. 

Carhartt Legacy Brief Deluxe

Made with a water-resistant material, this briefcase will be convenient rain or shine. Its abrasion-resistant base padded laptop storage that can store up to 17” laptops will be suitable for all of your tech stuff. It also has a second compartment that can keep your files safe and sound. 

It’s very affordable and for those who haven’t made up their mind on which one to get yet, this could be it. To put the cherry on top, you can also use this outside work, like camping, hiking, and everything else as it can carry so much stuff and has very spacious compartments. 

Cargo Works MacBook Pro EDC Kit

The name itself might make you think it’s only for people who own a MacBook but trust me, it can fit any 13” laptop. It also offers a separate section between your files and your computer. The multiple pockets and molle strips inside the bag will be useful for your small items that you need or want to bring with you. It is lined with a soft microfiber surface and two layers of padding which makes everything secure in their place. 

What makes this practical and handy is that you can carry it with your hand or sling style just like the mailman. It has a detachable shoulder strap and is made with nylon so it is very easy to clean and maintain the good looks. Make a statement wherever you go with this stylish bag. 

TIMBUK2 Commute Messenger Bag 2.0

Perfectly designed to keep your things secure while making it easy for you to access them. This is perfect for the ones who love to travel because of the easy luggage pass through at the back and the velcro silencer that you can choose if you want your bag to be loud or not. It is a solid- game-changer because the quality and service the bag can offer will match perfectly for those who stay late at work and go on overnights. 

The TIMBUK2 COMMUTE MESSENGER BAG 2.0  is travel-ready because of the built-in luggage pass-through that can also function as an outer pocket when not in use. You can take whatever tech gadget you need, you can even put extra clothes in this bag if you want. It can be whatever you need it to be. 

Transit Backpack Bellroy

A comfortable and stylish backpack that has well-thought organization features that still offers a spacious section that can be perfect for your laptop and larger stuff. The Bellroy Transit Backpack really fits any style and gives a very nice aesthetic. It comes in three colors that are from three different materials. The black one is from nylon which feels great when you touch and is very classic for a backpack. The Ink Blue comes in a recycled Venture Weave Polyester, this also feels nice but the black one really stands out because it’s soft to touch. And, lastly, the Charcoal bag is made of recycled soft-woven polyester. It is always nice to use sustainable materials on things we use everyday. 

The Everywhere Bag by AWAY

This bag looks exactly like a carry-on and functions like a carry-on but it also has some slight differences. It is easy to clean, lightweight, and even has an umbrella pocket. The Everywhere Bag has a modern and minimalistic design that will fit every style of clothes you wear. It is water-resistant and can keep your stuff well-organized. The briefcase has a roomy interior, a 15” laptop pocket, and a zippered umbrella pocket. It is also really user-friendly, you can use it rain or shine.  

The briefcase can also function as a daily work bag and even as a gym bag. It will totally match whatever you need for the day. It’s travel-ready and can style with any suitcase you use. Talk about convenience, they’ll surely win. 

Those are some of the briefcases that you can use every day and will be stylish for every look. I hope this list helped you and if it did, you should also share it with your friends and colleagues, it might help them too. Spread the word about these iconic bags!

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