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The belt a man wears may offer a subtle touch of personality to any ensemble in addition to being a necessity for keeping his pants in place. When worn with tucked-in pants, it actually becomes the unintentional focal point of your ensemble (see literally any photo of James Dean). Every man needs at least two of the timeless belts. Which are made of leather and have silver- or gold-toned hardware.

In a guy’s wardrobe, there are several accessories that occasionally get forgotten. Consider the unassuming belt. That’s about all it does, isn’t it? Sure, it keeps your pants up. Wait a minute. The top-notch belts for guys go above and above. Becoming the focal point of a look while showcasing a splash of taste and sartorial attention in the process. Men’s belts should be chosen with a focus on tried-and-true components like durable yet soft leather and top-notch workmanship. They will therefore benefit you for many years, in other words. Similar to a fine pair of leather boots, the best belts improve with time. So, here are the Best Belts For Men!

Reversible Black/Brown Calf Leather Belt – Luca Faloni 

Italian luxury retailer Luca Faloni rarely disappoints when it comes to men’s fashion belts. Each belt is individually handcrafted in Bergamot and features a unique accent. People adore this belt for its style and adaptability in particular. It has a classic design that will work for many different events and dress codes because it is constructed with the best calf leather with a simple silver buckle.

Additionally, Luca has once again dazzled us by making this belt reversible; it combines two classic belts (black and brown) into one and is the ideal addition to a diverse wardrobe. The belt’s $150 price tag is entirely justifiable given its handmade, premium quality construction and dual-purpose design.

TOM FORD Full-Grain Leather Belt

Taking “BBE” (big belt energy) to a whole new level, the next item on the list is a men’s belt that needs no introduction. With a belt that appears modest but actually begs for respect, Tom Ford has done it again.

It has an added touch of refinement that is likely to capture the eye in the polished lozenge-shaped buckle. The buckle is engraved with the Tom Ford logo because, of course, you can’t justify spending $890 on a belt that doesn’t bear the brand. The belt can also be worn with most pant designs thanks to its 30 mm width. The fact that it is black leather also makes it a fantastic addition to the business-casual office (or any Zoom meetings that catch you below the waist).

Ferragamo Reversible and Adjustable Gancini Belt

Our top choice for men’s designer belts is another belt that is self-explanatory: Salvatore Ferragamo, another Italian label. You can make a statement without choosing some of the more overdone alternatives (cough Gucci) because everyone who is anyone knows what the statement belt buckle looks like.

This belt is specifically available in black, making it appropriate for wearing to your most important events, but it can also be turned around to give you a brown option. Because of this, order one inch larger than you would normally order for a belt.

CB Made in Italy Semplice Belt

The aptly called semplice belt is made by the decade-old accessories company CB Made in Italy. Which is named after its founder, Cecilia Bringheli, and the nation of production, is our all-time favorite basic real leather belt on the market. It may be tailored to meet your clothing, mood, shape, and personal belt philosophies by choosing from a selection of 15 suede and leather hides and a range of sizes. We prefer the option in rich brown leather because it complements the belt’s simple, square brass buckle in a casual way and looks great with jeans, chinos, and any type of flowy trousers.

Anderson’s Western Suede Belt

In Parma, where they have been honing their technique since the 1960s, Anderson’s is THE Italian belt brand. Each belt actually requires over 100 manual processes to create. According to the brand, every single one of those steps. Thus, if you get Anderson’s belt, you’ll likely retain it for a very long time—possibly even a lifetime. Despite the fact that Anderson’s is known for its elegant, traditional Italian suede and leather belts, we have to admit that they also manufacture some rather badass Western belts. You can pair it with more than simply a pair of double denim and boots because it’s sophisticated and not at all costume-like. Nothing against a wholly Western appearance, but that is freedom worth pursuing.

Mountain Khakis Webbing Belt

A few small drawbacks exist in the Mountain Khakis design. First of all, the nylon material can seem heavy and projecting where it passes through the buckle and is first a little stiff. It should get better with usage as the material naturally softens and becomes more malleable. Even if this is partly owing to the buckle’s design and how many times the webbing must pass through. Second, this product is intended to be trimmed to size and heat-sealed to avoid fraying. It comes in a single 50-inch length. Despite the fact that it didn’t take us very long to cut it to our desired size and seal the trimmed edge. This is an additional step that some customers might not be familiar with.

Lavemi Leather Ratchet Dress Belt

The Lavemi Leather Ratchet Dress Belt is one of the most distinctive and avant-garde models we tested. The Lavemi has a sleek and contemporary design with a slightly narrower width and a square buckle. It is offered in a wide range of leather and a huge assortment of buckle colors and styles. To generate a ratcheting closure system. The pass-through buckle’s spring-loaded clip interacts with a strip of tiny teeth woven into the end of the leather. The system is simple to use, and it is simple to engage and disengage. It makes it very simple to dial in a snug fit throughout a large size range. We love this buckle design for dressier situations. It is one of our favorites.

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