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Old-fashioned drinks are once again gaining popularity thanks to the current craft cocktail trend. To assist you in capping off your evening, we’d like to suggest having another digestif or after-dinner beverage. So, we made a list of the Best Digestif for 2022!

Although a digestif traditionally contains a lot of herbs, spices, and other elements to aid in digestion. After-dinner cocktails have developed into spirits with a smooth sip and a lot of alcohol. You can use these suggestions to make a great exit from your dinner party! Contrarily, digestif are frequently sweeter and stronger. Of course, they aren’t precisely desserts. But they can easily take the place of a piece of cake or even that cup of espresso after a meal. While digestif cocktails do exist, the category is typically primarily focused on neat pours. Spiritual nightcaps to help you finish your meal, leave the bar or restaurant, and head home.

Here is a list of the top digestif and apéritif beverages.

Bulleit 10-Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

One-of-a-kind digestif that has been matured for ten years is the Bulleit 10-Year Kentucky Bourbon. With 68% corn, 28% rye, and 4% malted barley in the mash bill, it has a very sweet flavor.

If you want to experience toasty notes with caramel and vanilla scents, this whiskey is a great option. Spice, citrus fruit, cherry, and butterscotch are added by the depth, which also serves to properly balance everything. It has a strong aroma and aromas of spice and wood that immediately catch your attention. Then, before the cherry aromas can fully saturate your taste senses. They are accompanied by vanilla and leather flavors and leave behind an appetizing but superficial depth.

Jefferson’s Presidential Select 16-Year Twin Oak Bourbon

Jefferson’s Presidential Select is matured in two casks. First for 11 years in new American oak barrels. Then for seasoning, and a final 5-year maturation period in new wood barrels that have been burned. It’s one of the best bourbons. Produced using a method that results in a spirit that is both incredibly smooth and powerful. The nose opens with a strong aroma of deep caramel, which is followed by tinier vanilla undertones. Additionally, baking spice tastes like cinnamon, and cloves are thrown in for good measure before drying out into leathery notes that are occasionally hidden by smoky charred wood.

The palate also exhibits the luscious, intricate flavors of caramel and vanilla. Additional flavors include herbaceous oak, dark fruits, and a hint of mintiness. These flavors initially leave your mouth feeling a little dry but then completely satisfy you as they slip down your throat.

Widow Jane 10-Year-Old Straight Bourbon Whiskey

The Widow Jane 10-Year-Old Bourbon is the ideal fusion of straight bourbons from Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana. It has a rich, creamy scent with notes of roasted oak spices, vanilla, and pastry cream. For added depth, there are also notes of chocolate.

The sweet flavors of raisins and plums introduce the flavor combination. With each subsequent sip, the flavor gets more nuanced, with undertones of molasses and cashew nuts. Additionally, cocoa powder along with spices like cinnamon and sandalwood notes are used to enclose the flavors.

Black Maple Hill 16-Year-Old Small Batch  Bourbon

A new and expanding company, Black Maple Hill is based in San Carlos, in the center of California. Contrary to popular belief, Black Maple Hill is not a genuine location. Rather, it is an operation. The creator of this superb bourbon, Paul Joseph, purchases whiskey from Willett Kentucky bourbon distillers. He combines it, and then brands it “Black Maple.” Big citrus aromas and undertones of honeyed sweetness are present in the initial nose but quickly disappear on the palate. However, oak spice and a few other nice aromas, like nutmeg or allspice, take their place.

The rich, greasy richness of the scent and mouthfeel of this is a treat to the taste buds. Your senses will be delighted by nougat, hints of honey, brown sugar, and marzipan as you savor this bourbon. Which finishes chewy yet succulent.

Booker’s Bourbon

You can taste the strength of Booker’s bourbon right away. A frontal alcohol burn is present at first, accompanied by nutty and flowery flavors in the background, before fading into the depths of an oak barrel for good measure.

The bourbon has a sweet flavor, primarily with raisin and vanilla undertones. Additionally, due to how quickly the heat from this spirit spreads around it, you may experience a warming sensation in your mouth. As you keep drinking, you can taste leather and old wood everywhere.

1792 Full Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon

The aroma of 1792 Full Proof will make you feel as though you have been dunked in a barrel of dry oak and caramel, with just enough vanilla and caramel to make everything smell lovely. While the bourbon aroma is rapidly forgotten, the drinkability is far from satisfactory.

Since there are many different spice flavors present, from raisins to sweet corn, some people could find it to be too spicy for them. But eventually, these all mesh wonderfully together because of the syrup-drenched dried cherries and extra vanilla to balance everything out.

Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

The Buffalo Trace Kentucky Whiskey has aromas of caramel, honey, orange, and vanilla that make it an immediately likable and delightful bourbon to taste. These flavors are well-balanced by the nose, which also adds an undercurrent of oak woodiness that greatly enhances the drink.

The flavor of this smooth, creamy whiskey has hints of vanilla and brown sugar. Many people will undoubtedly still love this smooth spirit that has some oak and rye spice to balance out all those flavors in your mouth, even though some people could find the sweetness to be too much for their taste.

Henry Mckenna Single Barrel

A bottle of Henry Mckenna has a barrel-like scent with hints of caramel and vanilla. As alcohol blends in the background to defend itself against all other smells, as one might anticipate from a high-proof bourbon, you can detect seasoned oak behind this.

On the palate, the flavor of vanilla is the most noticeable, with undertones of wood present throughout. But it is countered by caramel tones that offer a nice contrast, as well as rye characteristics that deliver an intriguing flash of burnt brown sugar on your tongue.

Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

A well-known whiskey, Evan Williams Single Barrel Kentucky Bourbon deserves its reputation. In this conventional array of smells, which may be light but are pleasantly delicious as well, the nose offers up sweet caramel with vanilla to contrast the oakiness from seasoned wood!

With elements of cinnamon toast crunch, caramel, and pepper on the palate, this smooth and rich whiskey creates an immensely pleasurable taste experience with every drink. It also makes a wonderful addition to your best bar cart or a wonderful gift idea for a loved one.

Blade and Bow 22-Year-Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon

You will recognize the commitment and competence of the renowned Stitzel-Weller distillery when sipping this limited-edition bourbon. This rare, yearly-released bourbon is expertly matured for more than two decades after leaving the distillery before being put into bottles.

This liquor has a seductive nose. The smokey alcohol flavor, along with hints of spice, honey-baked apples, and burned sugar, adds a pleasant depth to the palate. Then, a hint of caramelized wood adds a layer of depth without being overly sweet to everything.

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