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A flannel is truly a clothing must for a variety of occasions. You can layer it over a basic shirt or sweater for a casual fall look perfect for picking blackberries or picnicking, or you can button it up for extra comfort and coziness while lounging by the fireplace as fall gives way to winter.

There seems to be a point why “the best flannel shirts for guys” cannot depart from the trend talk of your laundry cycle from fall through spring. They’re softer than your blanket, more forgiving than your cashmere, and have just the right structure to make you appear like a decent person. For almost two centuries now, nearly every imaginable demographic and subculture has adopted and reinterpreted heavy flannel shirts.

This versatility is a credit to the fabric itself, which is decent enough even to wear on a date, out to breakfast with your family, or during a Video conference with your boss while also being durable enough to withstand a hammering on a job site. Here are the Best Flannel For Men!

Pendleton Long Sleeve Classic Fit Board Shirt

Since more than 150 years ago, Pendleton has been in the industry of keeping people warm. They are renowned for weaving some of the greatest blankets and flannels available. And their Board Shirt is a cultural classic. The cozy wool material is the perfect weight for a buttondown and is available in a variety of fantastic plaids. The flat hem and camp collar look excellent on anyone and everyone, and the style is quite appealing.

It’s so fantastic that the Beach Boys, who were formerly known as the Pendletones. Adopted it as their catchphrase. While you might not able to sing a song from Pet Sounds 2, you can still look absolutely killer.

Outerknown Blanket Shirt

Outerknown’s Blanket shirt is a bit heavier and even softer. You know, like a very nice blanket—than Pendleton’s own flannel shirt, which is literally made from blankets. That is what the thick-yarned pure cotton fabric, which has brought the Blanket Shirt much praise and admiration, has accomplished. The fit is spacious enough to wear above a shirt or perhaps a sweater without crossing into the fashion bro realm of being boxier than thou.

Cotopaxi Muro Flannel

Sewn from a thick, double-brushed 300 gsm cotton twill, all high-stress seams are flat felled and double stitched. Cuffs have a double button to close snugly around the wrist and the sleeves roll up high when you want to apply the elbow grease.

True to Cotopaxi flair, this flannel is offered in a variety of bright colors. Adding some fun to your fall flannel wardrobe; the Amber Plaid pattern pairs well with that pumpkin spice latte. The drop-in chest pockets have a small nylon webbing tab that adds a nice subtle detail. Pocket patterns line up with the shirt. All stitches are sewn and tucked out of sight.

Patagonia Farrier’s Shirt

Shoeing horses is an arduous, grubby task that involves blacksmithing, veterinarians, and art. The Farrier’s shirt from Patagonia is a flannel work shirt that may serve as your daily vehicle to any working site.

Patagonia’s Farrier’s Shirt ($100) radiates expert craftsmanship with its deep chest pockets, roomy fit, and robust weave. The long shirt’s chest is buttoned down with brass hardware. Extra storage is made available by the gusseted chest pockets. In the middle of each pocket are two pencil sleeves.

The shirt has a smooth edge from the inside out thanks to the double stitching and flat felling of every seam. Additionally, the pockets’ plaid pattern is unbroken, which is customary for Pata aesthetic. The Farrier puts up the flag for weekend tasks, and Patagonia values functional durability. There is a tiny nap, but it is on the far side, in the direction of unbrushed. For tasks like “hoisting bale,” the suede texture is perfect. The fit is generous, as with most work shirts.

Filson Alaskan Guide Shirt

The Filson Alaskan Guide Shirt ($145) is a well-made flannel that comes in a close second to Patagonia’s Farrier’s Shirt. It is made of 8 oz brushed cotton twill.

We’d give Patagonia’s Farrier a tiny advantage in terms of material weight even if the Alaskan Guide weighs a few grams less per square meter. Nevertheless, the material has more loft since it has been brushed more. Compared to the Farrier, it has a more typical flannel feel. And if we must provide a name to Filson, it would be a tradition. They have been producing durable garments for almost a century.

In the shop or in town, the shirt would undoubtedly look better. In view of that use case, Patagonia’s Farrier, also with a lower brush, is marginally best placed for durability. However, these are minor flaws in otherwise excellent shirts. The panels have double stitching throughout their manufacturing. In order to save time, Filson double-stitched overlocked seams. Simply put, it’s not as well done as Patagonia’s shirt. And contrary to Patagonia’s brass buttons, these buttons are made of plastic. With Patagonia, there is simply a greater level of finishing that gives it a more premium feel.

California Cowboy High Sierra Flannel

On this list, there are more durable and technically advanced choices, but it would be difficult to come across a flannel item more comfortable than California Cowboy’s High Sierra ($148). And you won’t be able to come across any flannel that includes as many secret features!

The High Sierra, for example, has a rear pocket ideal for keeping a cold can or bottle, a loop for gloves, a loop for sunglasses, and a zipped water-resistant hideaway pocket for your phone. Additionally, each High Sierra comes with a bottle opener, a deck of conversation opener cards, and a beer koozie because, well, why not? Although it offers less protection than some other options against sticks, burrs, or tree sap, the lined Portuguese flannel feels incredibly velvety and soft.

The High Sierra, on the other hand, might be the softest and most entertaining flannel available for driving around town, relaxing over a campfire, or having an après day.

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