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Given that the console is already five years old and has only seen minor changes to its screen and kickstand during that period, THE NINTENDO SWITCH has a remarkably long shelf life. The Switch, in contrast to the stationary PS5 and Xbox Series X, is portable, customizable, and brimming with both exclusive and independent games. Because the Switch may be played both at home and while traveling, you might require batteries, protective cases, and other accessories that you aren’t accustomed to purchasing for a gaming console.

A big factor in what makes the Nintendo Switch amazing is its adaptability. It is a portable gaming system. It’s a console for the living room! A kickstand is on it. But it’s not fully equipped, and many of the Switch accessories you can buy are worthless. To identify the items that are genuinely worth your money, we discovered some Switch and Switch Lite accessories from a variety of categories. Including cases, controllers, microSD cards, stands, and more.

Anyone who has ever purchased a video game system is aware that you can’t just buy the device itself. You’ll also need to budget for playing games and maybe additional accessories on top of that price tag. This general guideline applies to all gaming systems, including the Nintendo Switch. Therefore we’ve chosen the essential Nintendo Switch accessories to improve your gaming experience.

microSD card

The 32 GB of storage inside a regular Switch console will quickly fill up if you intend to download the majority of your Switch games. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, for instance, eats up 13.4 GB on its own. To give yourself extra space, we advise purchasing the 128 GB SanDisk MicroSDXC card for Nintendo Switch. The SanDisk microSD card is one of the most economical cards you can buy, with a usual price of under $25, or less than 20 per GB.

Nevertheless, any manufacturer microSD card with a performance class of at least U1 or better will be good enough for the Switch—Evo Samsung’s Select cards are a little more affordable than the SanDisk cards and not significantly slower. You won’t notice the difference as much as you would with a smartphone or camera. Because you aren’t writing to the card as frequently when you are actually playing a game. Go ahead and purchase a 128 GB card (or a 256 GB card) if you find one for significantly less than $20 or $40.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

If you expect to play a lot of Mario or Zelda, you owe it to yourself to purchase Nintendo’s Switch Pro Controller. The Joy-Con grip that comes with the Switch transforms the two Joy-Cons into a respectable controller. The joysticks, face buttons, shoulder buttons, and triggers on this wireless controller are all more pleasant and comfortable than those on the Joy-Cons. Especially during extended play periods. It is comparable to Microsoft’s Xbox One controller in design. For the games that require it, it also supports all of the motion controls and Amiibo scanning functions that the Joy-Cons do. It runs between $60 and $70, which can be a bit pricey. But if you play plenty of single tournaments with the Switch in its dock, it’s well worth it.

PowerA GameCube Style Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo GameCube controller, which debuted back in 2001, is still incredibly popular among Super Smash Bros. fans. In fact, you can now purchase new GameCube controllers that bear the Super Smash Bros. logo as well as a USB-to-GameCube adapter. However, PowerA’s GameCube-style wireless controller is a good option if you don’t want to deal with all those cords or if you want a controller with all the extra buttons you’ll need to play other Switch games.

When compared to the Pro Controller, it still lacks a few features. Such as vibration support, an internal rechargeable battery, and an NFC scanner for Amiibo. Instead, it takes AA batteries. But some people that play Smash using a GameCube controller don’t really notice a difference because it looks and feels very comparable to a standard GameCube controller. Like with the Pro Controller or Joy-Cons, the Switch’s menus are simple to browse and screenshots are simple to take.

PowerA Joy-Con Charging Dock

When the Switch is docked, the Joy-Con controllers recharge whenever they are connected. But if you have multiple controllers for friends and family, switching Joy-Cons around for charging can be inconvenient. Two pairs of Joy-Con controllers may be charged while taking up very little space using the PowerA Joy-Con Charging Dock. Which is connected to one of the Switch dock’s USB charging ports (3.8 by 2.3 inches). The weighted base of the Charging Dock feels substantial and has an integrated cable wrap to reduce clutter. Four LEDs at the top of the dock reveal the charging state of each controller as the controllers slide on and off with ease.

The Charging Dock has been one of our most helpful accessories so far. Though people wish the base was a little bit thicker or the bottom pad a little bit stickier. To prevent the Charging Dock from bouncing about as much while attaching or removing controllers.

Tomtoc Nintendo Switch Carrying Case

The ideal option is Tomtoc’s larger Switch case if you require a little more space for accessories when taking your Switch on the go. It is bigger than the small version we suggested above. Making it less convenient to keep in backpacks. But the inside compartment is big enough to hold an additional set of Joy-Cons, a Pro Controller, and a travel charger. Additionally, there is room for 24 game cartridges and a built-in stand that allows you to use the Switch while on the road right from the case.

Rlsoco Nintendo Switch Deluxe Carrying Case

The clever section divider of the Rlsoco Nintendo Switch Deluxe Carrying Case allows it to accommodate the original Nintendo Switch dock. Also the console (without Joy-Cons attached), the grip with two Joy-Cons, and a Switch Pro Controller. As well as the AC adapter, many Joy-Con straps, the HDMI cable, and 28 cartridges. This is accomplished in a package that is only 11.7 by 8.9 by 5.8 inches. With small interior spaces for each of the larger parts. Resulting in a construction that keeps each part secure even if the case is shaken or turned upside down. Smaller parts can be kept in the supplied small case or the mesh pockets (designed for the AC adapter and Joy-Con straps).

Because of its robust outer shell and detachable strap, the case may be safely packed for longer trips. As well as carried over the shoulder for daily transportation. Additionally, there isn’t any obvious Nintendo Switch branding on the Rlsoco case. Which could make its owner a target for theft. It’s the most advantageous of the 14 big Switch cases we discovered. Experts have not yet evaluated the Rlsoco case for the Switch OLED, dock, and accessories.

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