Best Productivity Apps 2022


Personality plays a role in productivity. You can read about other people’s methods for getting things done, but productivity advice that suits one person may not suit you and your working style. Similar principles apply to productivity apps. It’s crucial to know exactly what you’re looking for because there are so many tools and apps accessible. You might be a good note-taker but struggle mightily with maintaining focus while working. Another possibility is that while you have a wonderful system for communicating with your coworkers and connections, you lack a good method for setting up meetings with them.

How we divide our time between work and play is muddled by the pressures of remote employment, hectic schedules, and a world that is changing quickly. It can be quite overpowering.

Organization, prioritization, and time management capabilities are available in productivity apps. They aid in maintaining focus and allowing you to cross items off of your never-ending to-do list. You can adapt the personal, team, and business productivity software on this list to improve your productivity system. Here are our top picks for Best Productivity Apps 2022!


An integrated note-taking, task management, and collaboration tool is Notion. 
Notion is used by people to monitor ideas and work in a wide range of ways. Notion can store information that is organized in numerous ways, such as databases, wikis, and calendars, which sets it apart from other note-taking apps. Paid accounts begin at $5 per month, although there are free accounts as well.

Notes, documents, wikis, projects, and collaboration can all be done in Notion as a workplace. Use it on your own, as a team, or as a whole organization. Start without cost and then include the rest of your team.

Why Notion?

  • Powerful note-taking with rich text formatting
  • Task sharing and assignment
  • For item organization, create pages and folders.
  • Add reminders and due dates.
  • Create templates or utilize those that are already there.
  • Create a number of perspectives (Kanban board, table, list, gallery, timeline, calendar)
  • Synchronize with a variety of different programs, including Google Drive and TypeForm

Pricing: Annual

  • Personal – Free
  • Personal Pro (Monthly) – $4.99
  • Team (Monthly) – $8/member


With the help of Todoist, a straightforward task organizer tool, you can list and organize activities according to projects. Think of it as an improved version of your standard to-do list. The software allows you to share and assign projects with others while also keeping track of and managing your own chores.

The best productivity app for streamlining and organizing the workday is Todoist. You may manage personal activities with this straightforward to-do list software and collaborate with friends, family, and coworkers. Subtasks, subprojects, recurring tasks, notifications, various priorities, and more features are included.

Why Todoist?

  • Organize projects and tasks by adding tasks and utilizing color codes.
  • Use templates to create reusable project checklists.
  • Link with Dropbox and Google Drive
  • Location-based and automatic reminders
  • Gmail emails might be transferred and added as tasks.
  • With the measurement and report features, monitor progress.


  • Free
  • Pro (Monthly) – $3/month
  • Business (Monthly) – $5/member


A digital notebook called Evernote is used for taking notes and outlining complex ideas and events. There are many features included in this software, all of which are designed to make taking notes easier. You can also upload a snapshot of a handwritten message to this app, store it, and download it as needed. Digital sketches, PDFs, and notes with images can all be recorded.

Evernote is for you if you frequently blend digital and handwritten notes in your note-taking or if you prefer to take notes digitally. So, for organizing all of your ideas and thoughts in one location, Evernote is among the best tools available. In addition to capturing notes immediately on your device, Evernote also lets users upload images of handwritten notes. This is a wonderful feature. So, thanks to handwriting analysis, the search function enables users to browse all of their written or typed files. Your notes can be also filtered by adding tags after they are in the app and organized in notebook systems. So you never “lose your notebook,” Evernote syncs smoothly across all of your devices.

Why Evernote?

  • To add a note, drag and drop important papers.
  • Bring in handwritten notes for the app
  • Lookup PDF text including tags, titles, body content, and more
  • Make important notebooks accessible offline.
  • Establish a to-do list.
  • Templates already included for better organization
  • Facilitate improved


  • Free
  • Premium (Monthly) – $7.99
  • Business (Monthly) – $14.99/User
  • Premium (Annually) – $5.83/Month
  • Business (Annually) – $12.50/Month


Initially offering a Kanban board method, Trello is a free project management tool. Use it for personal use or in collaboration with your agile or scrum project management approaches. Following that, each task and each set of tasks are grouped on a board. Depending on the job already completed and the duties that remain, move your cards to various progress stages.

For collaborative working, Trello is a straightforward yet incredibly effective project management application. Also, by using the personalized Kanban boards, this collaboration tool allows you to classify your work according to the amount of progress you’ve achieved. Lastly, team members may share, manage, and organize tasks using Trello.

Why Trello?

  • Create, oversee, and assign team members a task with a due date.
  • Trello’s Kaban board may be used to drag and drop cards.
  • To create and keep track of cards, use the activity dashboard.
  • Add files, then comment on how the task is doing.
  • Obtain email alerts and reminders.


  • Free
  • Business (Monthly) – $12.50
  • Business (Annually) –  $10/user/month
  • Enterprise (Annually) –  $17.50/25 users/month
  • Enterprise (Annually) – $210/user


You can manage all team communications with Slack, a desktop and mobile messaging program. Send direct messages, make private and public channels for a range of subjects (from business culture to various projects and departments), and then interact in real-time with your team.

Slack is basically a tool for communication that simplifies the process of sending information across many channels. One of the productivity apps that also focuses exclusively on reducing information loss is this one. When communicating with team members, Slack categorizes your messages according to tasks and projects, allowing other team members to join or leave conversations that are not relevant to them. This is different from using emails.

Why Slack?

  • Use many team channels to communicate
  • Make a voice or video call.
  • Collaboration of a third party
  • Star and pin messages that need to be addressed first.
  • Set the state of availability.
  • Screen sharing with the team


  • Free
  • Pro – $6.67 /month
  • Business – $12.50/month
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