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If you want a delicious beverage, it matters which vodka brand you use whether your go-to drink is a vodka soda, a dirty martini, or an ice-cold shot. The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) officially ceased requiring vodka to be neutral in 2020, despite the fact that it was previously merely described as a clear, colorless spirit without a distinctive flavor or scent. Since it is still regarded as “vodka” under American law, it can now be produced in a variety of ways and flavors. This adaptable liqueur is produced through the distillation of corn, potatoes, fruit, or cereal grains. Vodka must have an ABV of at least 40%, regardless of how it is made.

Vodka is available in a wide range of flavors, levels of quality, and price points. This is true of almost any bar or liquor store. With so many options available, let’s examine the top-rated vodka brands so you’ll know just which to choose the next time you need to quench your thirst.


Smirnoff vodka is distilled all over the world despite its Russian name and origins (via Metro). This is not the brand to choose if you want vodka that is tasty enough to sip on its own. It is therefore a go-to choice when you want something that is inexpensive but won’t make you feel like you’re consuming pure rubbing alcohol.

When you grab a bottle of Smirnoff vodka, which is available in a number of flavors, styles, and proofs, you’ll be in good company because it is the most popular vodka brand in the world. If you’re going to drink Smirnoff, we suggest sticking to mixed drinks like a screwdriver or vodka lemonade. If you’re using a nice enough mixer, you probably won’t even notice that you aren’t drinking top-shelf vodka (the 100-proof blue-label bottle is the optimum vodka for a White Russian).


This company’s distinctive line of flavored vodka is the only reason it made our list. Although flavored vodkas aren’t everyone’s cup of tea (or in this case, liquor), they may be used to make delightful shots and cocktails that are sippable enough to make you forget that you’re drinking alcohol — so proceed with caution.

A staggering 30 different vodka variants are available from Pinnacle. Each of which is prepared from a base that has undergone five distillations to increase smoothness and drinkability. Pinnacle almost certainly offers a flavor for you, whether your jam is something exotic and fruity like guava lime or something more daring like habanero. If you ever want to make your coffee a little stronger, the brand’s whipped cream taste is a popular choice. Use it to boost your brew. Pinnacle is for those who believe that drinking should be enjoyable rather than just for serious vodka experts.


According to the brand’s website, since the company’s founding in 2009, Pur has won 83 honors, making it the “World’s Most Awarded Canadian Vodka.” After taking a sip of this excellent spirit, you’ll see why it’s getting so much attention. Nicolas Duvernois, a Montrealer who started the company, supported it by working as a janitor at a children’s hospital. His perseverance paid off, and today the Pur lineup consists of the original vodka, six flavored vodkas, and a canned, ready-to-drink Moscow Mule.

The mineral undertones in this drink are reminiscent of the icy Canadian waters used to filter this artisan spirit, making it a vodka that truly lives up to its name. It’s perfectly OK to sip this beverage neat, on the rocks, in an extra-dry martini, or in one of the company’s famous concoctions, like the Canadian Mule.


The renowned vodkas from this company are made from Polish rye. Belvedere is a premium brand that produces excellent goods. To infuse flavor and quality into every product, its master distillers draw on a 600-year-old tradition. A traditional version of the Belvedere brand is available. Along with numerous distinctive tastes such as Blueberry Lemongrass and limited-edition bottles made from rye from a particular estate.

Although the flagship vodka makes an excellent vesper martini. We suggest switching to one of the single estate ryes for a special treat. You can select between its Lake Bartek and Smogóry Forest varieties. Which is remarkable since Belvedere is effectively demonstrating the fact that terroir is crucial in the manufacture of vodka just like it is for wine. Try them on the rocks to let the flavors develop. And as you sip on what is perhaps the start of a new way of thinking about vodka, envision yourself on a frigid winter day by a lake in Poland.

Beam Suntory

Try Suntory’s Haku vodka if you don’t think you’ll like it. One of the softer, smoother, and more delicate alternatives available is this Japanese rice vodka. It is mellow and sweet, with just a hint of the sake, whose basic grain it shares. A smooth, somewhat starchy, and very palatable vodka is the end result of Haku’s bamboo charcoal filtering process.

This Japanese alcohol is a member of the wider Beam-Suntory family. It is just one of the many Japanese liqueurs that are enjoying rising popularity in the United States. In 2018, Haku made its American debut, and we think this is a brand to watch. Both on the rocks and in a highball, this vodka is one of our absolute favorites. It works well in a martini with a twist. But it’s not our favorite in a dirty martini.


The majority of people are aware of how well-liked Tito’s vodka is, and we concur. Tito’s is a corn-based vodka produced in Texas that is quite popular. VinePair research indicates that in 2020, with $1.4 billion in revenue. The brand expanded to hold an astonishing 25% of the country’s vodka market share. That much vodka is a lot.

The said brand is deserving of the attention it has received. It’s simple to love this fantastic product. Tito’s exclusively provides one type of drink, in contrast to most companies. Tito’s is Tito’s, regardless of the flavors, infusions, or expensive bottles. Although it goes down smoothly, it has a thick mouthfeel and enough kick to keep things interesting. According to the company website, Tito’s is also popular since it is gluten-free because nothing could possibly be added that contains gluten after distillation. Tito’s is a simple, adaptable option that appeals to a wide audience because we can’t think of anything it doesn’t work well for.


Prairie is the ideal option if you want to choose a company whose purpose is to be as sustainable as possible. In addition to being created from non-GMO corn, the brand’s vodka is 100% organic. And it takes pride in looking out for the farmers and neighbors that help form the Prairie community. During the distillation process at Prairie, nothing is lost. The procedure is totally run on renewable energy and includes the feeding of cattle with extra grains and the conversion of surplus alcohol into biofuels.

Standard vodka and numerous flavored variations are all part of the Prairie line. Additionally, the business makes organic gin and a number of canned, pre-made cocktails, including vodka cucumber lemonade. When it comes to flavor, Prairie doesn’t fall short. Due to its exceptional cleanliness, crispness, and brightness. It is a fantastic accompaniment to drinks in which vodka is the featured ingredient.

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