Best Websites to Find Glasses for Men


Glasses are one of the first things that someone will notice when they see you. Nowadays, most of the things that we need can be bought online, including eyeglasses. Your personality, style, and vibe can be seen through your glasses. Depending on your preferences, choosing the right glasses that’ll match your standard will become easier because of the wide range of choices that you can pick from. So we compiled the Best Websites to find glasses for men.

If staying on trend but also getting the right prescription, then this list is made just for you. 

Reading is one of the activities that some of us do daily, you can just sit on your comfy reading chair and enjoy your book, but sometimes, your specs can get in the way. It’s now possible to find the frame and the lens online that’ll also fit your budget. Once you know your prescription, it’ll be as easy as ABC to find your specs in online stores, which basically offers the same experience as going to an actual store. There might be a long list of the glasses that are available but we’ve listed the best websites where you can find your specs as easy as pie. So, without further ado, let’s start

Felix Gray

Starting our list is Felix Gray. The brand Felix Gray offers prescription and nonprescription glasses. They also have blue light glasses and if you have a low nose bridge, they also offer low bridge glasses that’ll fit you just right. They provide glasses for both kids and adults. Felix Gray is also the perfect website to look for if you’re trying to find glasses for men. Their frame selection is stylish and has contemporary prints. Their customers love their Blue Light glasses the most. They really prove the “no-strain” glasses which is why they are highly recommended by some. Felix Gray can seem a bit pricey at first but trust me, they are worth every penny. They could bring a good impression, especially nowadays, people have been working from home and use video-calling apps for their work. Their glasses might really give you a positive impression.

Warby Parker

Glasses, sunglasses, and contacts- they got you covered. Warby Parker is known as one of the most legit glasses that exists, that’s why they’re adored by many. They offer a wide variety of glasses at a very reasonable price. They’re not the usual store that you can find anywhere, what makes them really special is that you can pick five frames and try them on for five days for free. This way, you can assess which frame looks better and which doesn’t. And, what I love about them is that they stand for a cause. For every pair that is bought, they give one pair for free to someone in need. Warby Parker offers hundreds of glasses for men where you can pick which one matches your style and personality. 

Liingo Eyewear

Liingo Eyewear believes that your glasses speak to your personality and they can provide what you just need. Glasses should be functional but also fashionable. Lingo doesn’t offer that many glasses but they surely have something that will look perfect on your face and fit your preferences. They also offer a home try-on just like Warby Parker which is very helpful in choosing your frames. They have superb customer service and even offer free shipping on every order. Free adjustments and returns on your purchases. Each lens is made in polycarbonate material, which is 12 times more damage resistant than your regular lens.


“Global Online Optical Store” is what Firmoo is known for, they offer prescription eyewear everywhere around the world. Aside from prescription glasses, they also offer different eyewear accessories and nonprescription specs. They also offer free scratch-resistant lenses which are very convenient. Firmoo makes eyewear for both kids and adults. Having over a thousand reviews, they are mostly a five-star rating from their customers. I guess they really are worth the hype and also worth trying. They stock almost hundreds of frames and lenses. You can get them anytime you want. What makes their prices affordable is that they have a based production in China which also assures the quality of their items. 


Outdoor adventures, cycling, running, triathlons, golfing, and more activities, Roka glasses will surely cover you for everything. The glasses they offer are very ideal for athletic and activity-wise pursuits. Even if they have pricey items, they have an outstanding review from their loyal customers. They are truly passionate about the quality of their products. Also, very focused on the performance that their products can give. Roka offers a 2-year warranty and discount for lens replacements which is a big thing. You can also purchase frames without prescriptions. Roka presents reading, progressive, and blue-light filtering eyeglasses. Options for customized sunglasses can also be availed in Roka. So, if I were you, I’d be considering adding them to my list to add their glasses to my collection. 


Finding the perfect specs is hard, sometimes it looks good on you but the price is too much and you will often regret your frame of choice, but with Zennie you can shop by your face shape. The brand offers glasses for men that will compliment your facial features and look perfect on your face structure. They also offer more than 6,000 choices of eyeglasses for both adults and kids. Zenni Optical can be a great choice especially if you wanna save hundreds of dollars for high-quality glasses. If you’re satisfied with their product, you can refer them to a friend and get a $5 discount on your next purchase.

D.L. Eyewear

D.L. Eyewear is owned by the one and only, Dan Levy. With their different colors and varieties of shapes, you can say that D.L. Eyewear did a great job. Their motto “see with love” is noticeable on every product. So it’s really worth having them on your specs of choices. They also make sure to use eco-friendly materials which are not just good for you but also for the environment.  D.L. Eyewear is a small business but they support the Local Initiatives Support Corporation which supports small businesses by women, people of color, the LGBTQIA+ community, and entrepreneurs who are having difficulties selling their items. They only have a couple of items to offer but they assure the public that they will release new ones as soon as they can.

75% of 5 people, in other words, 3 of them need eyeglasses to help them see better. There are a lot of eyeglasses that you can choose from and a lot of shops that you can buy from. These websites are the best of the best shops that you can find and I’m sure they are all worth the try. You might get the perfect one in one or two of these shops since some of them offer a wide selection of eyewear. But to help you, even more, I’ll give you some tips on what to consider when buying eyeglasses, prescription, or nonprescription:

  • Make sure you have the updated and correct prescription.
  • Finding the perfect pair of glasses may take a lot of time if you really wanna get your hands on the perfect one, so patience is really a requirement.
  • Be open for options and opinions, you can narrow down your choices to five and maybe choose two, it’s not bad to have an extra one.
  • Listen to what your doctor says, always keep in mind that having the right prescription is a very important part of what you’re planning to do.
  • Be responsible, it’s not just about the quality of the glasses, it’s also how you take care of it. Use the right cloth and case to store your specs to make sure it’ll last for a long time. (unless you need to upgrade your prescriptions again)
  • Have fun. In choosing your specs, it should also match your personality, style and your whole vibe. Eyes speak the truth, but your glasses can be the one to complete the whole verdict. 

We understand that it can be very difficult to buy a new pair of glasses for men because some are really pricey and you need to consider how long you’re going to use them. You should have a prepared budget for this matter so maybe try thinking twice before you spend on one. Eyeglasses are the most common form of eyewear or accessories that can, not just make you stylish, but also aid lots of eye vision problems. Some eyeglasses can make your face and whole look better while also making your visions clearer. Basically, eyeglasses are a necessity that some people need to have in order to fulfill their daily tasks; reading, writing, and many more activities.

There are a lot of kinds of eyeglasses out there; sunglasses, prescription glasses, nonprescription glasses, blue-light filtering glasses, and the list just goes on. You can freely choose among them but make sure you get the right prescription if you’re ever given one. 

I hope this list helps you in choosing the right pair of glasses for men, you can also share this with your friends and relatives to help them know which shops can help them find one. Wear your glasses, be stylish, and have a clearer vision. There are many choices out there, but the final verdict is still up to you.

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