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Are you looking for a perfectly well-made watch? A timepiece made of high-quality materials at a reasonable price? A watch that can boost your self-esteem? Here’s our Brew Watch Review and see what you’ve been missing out!

Before purchasing a watch, examine whether the timepiece is well-crafted, has a reliable and significant movement, is constructed of high-quality materials, and is reasonably priced.

Every watch, regardless of brand, will have a detailed timepiece that will meet your wants and expectations. In terms of style and quality, the Brew Watch Co. can undoubtedly meet your expectations. They can offer you their finest. It is a watch that can make you more fit to be seen because of its coffee-inspired and retro-themed watch design, with the finest quality and imposing performance.


Brew Watch Co. is an American watch brand that was manufactured in New York City and created by industrial designer Jonathan Ferrer. Jonathan Ferrer has been working professionally in the watch industry for ten years. It is a watch company inspired by industrial espresso machines. They convey their own industrial essence with unique vented aesthetics found on the sides, case back, and crown, similar to an espresso machine.

Industrial espresso machines served as an inspiration for Brew Watch Co.’s founder and designer, Jonathan Ferrer. He intended to translate that essential aspect of the café into the watch itself.


Brew watches are for people who value creative design, a comfortable watch for daily wear, and well-made products. Its deliciously distinctive brand idea draws inspiration from coffee culture and combines it with a keen eye for 1960s watch design.

Brew Watch Co. is one of the watch brands that can give you satisfaction in terms of its captivating design and quality of a watch. Brew Watch is a unique brand because of the retro-themed watches they have. Although the design of the watch appears basic, the detailing is not. The form is unique and unusual, and the softly rounded sides and edges of the watches are really inviting. Every angle of the timepiece reveals distinctive design elements. Every timepiece has a specific vintage style compared to what the market seems to want or the newly released modern watch’s design. The quality of the watches is impressive given the affordable price starting at only $375.

Is Brew Watch Well-Made?

It is not just the design or how it looks that matters. The quality itself and the performance are also important. Brew watches use high-grade quality materials that meet specific standards. The watches are handcrafted and tested by taking extra measures to provide a well-made and exceptional timepiece.

Every aspect is meticulously examined and developed to produce the best end product that the wearer will love and appreciate.

Each watch undergoes rigorous testing and quality control before being finished. Making sure the watch lasts a long time and giving people a wearable timepiece that is accurate and authentic.

Are the materials reasonably priced given their quality?

Regarding the prices shown for each watch, they are modest and fair considering the components. It is fairly reasonable in its pricing, especially if we consider the meticulous craftsmanship and manufacturing process.

Materials Used

Brew Watch Co. only uses the greatest materials in their timepieces, which are meticulously handcrafted.

  • Brew watches have a square case, even though it’s not a very marketable silhouette. However, it is the most distinct silhouette to come from vintage watches. Every detail of the Brew watches has its own specialties, and they are truly eye-catching and can give you an expensive look.
  • Brew watches have mecha-quartz chronograph movement, compared to automatic watches, it is more affordable. It features a smooth sweep similar to an automated movement, but it’s more accurate.
  • The watch comes equipped with a 22mm leather strap and a signed buckle.
  • A solid billet of 316L stainless steel is CNC machined into each Brew case. Each case profile was then meticulously hand-polished.

Watch Glass

All Brew watches have flat sapphire crystals and Ronda 3520D quartz chronographs as their power source.

The least likely type of watch glass to crack, chip, or get scratched is sapphire glass. Sapphire crystals are as durable as they come. They are actually much more durable than nails. With the exception of diamond and ruby, sapphire can scratch every other gemstone. Its structure is incredibly strong, dazzling, and extraordinarily transparent. Its high resistance to scratches is its most remarkable quality. It strikes a nice balance between transparency, robustness, and price. When it comes to watch crystals, sapphire glass is the best.

Watch Movement

All Brew watches utilize a Ronda-produced quartz chronograph movement that is constructed in Switzerland. Due to Ronda’s steady reputation for producing dependable, high-quality movements, Brew Watch Co. chose them.

Although not the most attractive movement, a Ronda quartz movement is dependable, repairable, and of high quality. Brew Watch Co. uses it as its power source since it has a strong power reserve and a five-year lifespan.

Is it water resistant?

Brew Automatic Watches have a 10-ATM water resistance rating (100 Meters). Brew Chronograph versions have a 5ATM rating (50 Meters). The watches are further tested with water pressure and impact resistance after final hand assembly to make sure the assembly was successful and the watch is keeping time accurately and effectively.


Brew watches come with a limited warranty that covers manufacturer defects for one year. However, tampering with the product, accidents, or improper care will render the warranty null and invalid. If you have any questions or concerns about the watch you purchased, you can email

Any concerns and information regarding Brew Watch Co. will get answers right away. The brand company will issue instructions and request service right away if a problem arises.

Is the Brew Watch worth the price?

Without a doubt, the watch is worth the cost. The price is not too much, and the watch is worth the money you’ll pay for. It employs meticulous methods and impressive quality.


Brew Metric

The Metric truly caught my attention. It is perfect for someone who likes a very appealing accessory. The use of colors just perfectly blends with the 70s-inspired case design of the watch. The steel strap gives a captivating look that blends with the color of the watch dial.

Brew Metric has three series of dial colors: the deep black dial, navy dial, and green dial.

The Steel Dial and the Retro Dial are the two variations of the Metric that are available. Both have a 36mm stainless steel case, a running seconds sub-dial at 6 o’clock, a small date window at 4:30, and a chronograph sub-dial at 10 o’clock.


The simplistic design of Retromatic really does give it an upscale and classy appearance. It looks more comfortable to wear because of the small, rectangular case, which snugly fits the wrist.

With a lug-to-lug length of 39.5mm and a 36mm width, the Retromatic’s sleek, rectangular case never feels particularly huge.

The overall look of the Retromatic is the best and most attractive design for me because of its basic and elegant design, which makes it more captivating.


Other than the Retromatic, this Mastergraph is also really interesting. The case lines and features are the same as fine Italian espresso machines. The details of the watch are not what we were expecting because of its price of $375. The expensive layout will truly amaze the consumer’s eyes.

The Mastergraph has the same measurements as the Retrograph, which are 38 x 41.5mm. It’s difficult to see how the watches could be the same size when viewed separately because they seem to have entirely distinct case shapes.

Three dial options are available: Steel Dial, Universal Dial, and Copper Dial.


Retrograph gives a morning coffee vibe. It can easily give you a good mood to start your day by looking at its details.

Your ability to quickly read the time will be all because of the dials’ simplicity. You’ll surely want to acquire the watch due to its upscale look.

The Retrograph wears remarkably well given its size. It will have a Goldilocks effect and feel exactly right at 38 mm wide and 41.5 mm tall. It shouldn’t have any trouble slipping under your cuff because it is only 10.4 mm thick.


The HP-1 gives a refreshing look because of its aesthetic and pleasing basic design. It is more captivating because of the square case that gives a more appealing effect to the watch.

There are three colorways available for the HP-1: Proto (Stainless Steel), Darkbrew (PVD Black), and Joy (PVD rose gold).

The HP-1’s 38x38mm casing is eerily similar to an Apple Watch in size. The domed sapphire glass crystal is surrounded by a smooth bezel that tapers up to the top. The case back on the HP-1 is also distinctive. It has four screws and is squared off.

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