Lucid Motors “Air”: The Electric Car Review That You Need


Creating an electric car firm may appear to be the go-to folly of today’s billionaires, but Lucid Motors aspires to be more than a vanity project for its wealthy supporters. The Air, the company’s debut model is boasting a Tesla-beating range, automated driving, and more gadgetry and luxury than a Mercedes or an Audi. Big words, to be sure, and even with certain industry heavyweights on the team, it won’t be easy. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

It’s the quickest charging and fastest driving electric vehicle available. Here are ten things you should know about the Lucid Air. Range, efficiency, performance, and even the ability to power your home from your automobile were all highlights of the recent introduction of Lucid Motors’ first car.

Lucid Air raises the bar in terms of electric vehicle development, elegance, capability, and sustainability. The model cost $80,000 and had a range of 517 miles, over 1,000 horsepower, and a 0-60 mph time of 2.5 seconds.

It was created using cutting-edge technologies. It features a 34-inch 5K glass cockpit display, an immersive sound system, and Alexa integration. A 300-mile charge takes around 20 minutes. It has a charging system that runs at 900V+.

Will this be the next king of the castle in the land of EVs, with excellent specs all around? Let’s have a look.

Why you should get it?

Reclining rear seats

Lucid Air raises the bar in terms of electric vehicle innovation, luxury, performance, and sustainability. The model cost $80,000 and had a range of 517 miles, over 1,000 horsepower, and a 0-60 mph time of 2.5 seconds.

The Lucid Air is also a luxury vehicle, and that design extends beyond the interior and exterior materials. While driving one is enjoyable, passengers will enjoy themselves as well. Along with the amenities you’d expect in a luxury vehicle, such as heated seats and a massage function, Lucid has designed the Air with seats that maximize the interior space and legroom.

The chairs’ most unusual optional addition, according to Lucid, is inspired by the sky in more ways than one. The rear seats will recline in a “jet-style” configuration, providing passengers with incredible vistas through the car’s canopy. This may theoretically go wrong, especially if the sun comes out. But Lucid has considered this as well and has put heat and glare protection layers in the glass above the car’s passengers.

Hypercar-level performance

Yes, the Lucid Air is an excellent option for anyone concerned about the environment. It would be an extraordinarily green mode of transportation if you connected one to a field of solar panels. But that shouldn’t take away from the fact that it has most of the same characteristics as some hypercars.

The 1,111 horsepower is not to be taken lightly. The air also has face-shredding acceleration, going from zero to sixty in just 2.5 seconds. That’s only 0.2 seconds slower than a Bugatti Chiron at a fraction of the cost. According to Lucid, the Air will cover a quarter-mile in less than 10 seconds.

Features for superior driver assistance

Lucid’s driving assistance technologies include Dreamdrive and the more complex Dreamdrive Pro.

Dreamdrive is features a 32-sensor network that includes 14 visible-light cameras, five radar sensors, four surround-view cameras, and several ultrasonic sensors. Dreamdrive Pro comes standard on the Lucid Air Dream Edition and Lucid Air Grand Touring; Pro features all of the above as well as a laser range finder with an ultra-wide field of view. These sensors will assist you in staying in your lane while driving on the highway or in congested areas. They should also be able to function well in all weather situations.

Advanced safety features

When you’re riding along at highway speeds, that glass canopy may appear brittle, but don’t worry. The Air is designed with your safety in mind. Lucid uses a bonded aluminum frame to provide structural stiffness without increasing weight. Nine airbags are carefully intact throughout the inside of the Air to help cushion passengers from impact. Two anchors in the back seats are meant to fasten kid safety seats, and the glass around the car is laminated, making it impossible to break.

The Air is also designed to prevent accidents. The battery pack is positioned to help drivers avoid risky situations by improving the vehicle’s handling. DreamDrive is also available to assist drivers in staying out of trouble. Lucid claims that its software will make “split-second judgments” to ensure the safety of the car and its occupants. The Air has been designed to exceed global safety standards, according to the maker.

Free Ultrafast charging

With gas prices on the increase, the cost per mile of an all-electric vehicle may already appear to be a good value. Even again, it would be even better if you could drive your car for free. Which is exactly what Lucid is offering to consumers who book an Air before June 2022. Those who get the deal can charge their Lucid Air for free until 2025 at any of Electrify America’s 750 charging stations, as well as the 81 under construction stations that will open before your free charging deal runs out. In addition, the stations include ultrafast 350 kW charging that can provide a Lucid Air 300 miles of range in just 20 minutes.

Longest range of any electric car

The Lucid Air’s best feature is the 520-mile maximum range of the top-of-the-line model. By a long shot, this is the furthest distance an electric car can drive on a single charge, and it’s a credit to Lucid’s history and commitment to battery research. To put that into perspective, a Lucid Air can travel from New York City to Boston, then from Boston to within five miles of Philadelphia, all on a single charge. Because of the increased range, you’ll need to recharge less frequently; this, along with the Air’s lightning-fast recharge times, means your car won’t be charging very often.

The Model S, Tesla’s current best attempt and past long-distance electric champion, comes in second — but not by much. The Model S, despite having a range of 405 miles on a single charge, would still run out of gas 115 miles behind the Lucid Air. When the EPA finalized its predictions on the Air’s maximum range in 2021, Lucid dethroned Tesla.

Spacious Interior

The back seats aren’t the only ones with jet-like features. In its “cockpit,” Lucid incorporates a “5k glass screen,” which houses all of the driver’s instrumentation, allowing you to see your speed, mileage, remaining charge, and other information while feeling like a pilot. The component that allows you to personalize what shows on your display has even been dubbed the “pilot panel.”

The “glass canopy,” which makes the already roomy inside look even larger, is another element of this vehicle that has to take inspiration from private aircraft. The car’s power train components, for example, were shrunk without compromising performance, allowing Lucid to achieve this spacious cabin. To put it in context, Lucid claims to provide SUV-like interior capacity in a car that is actually a mid-size automobile – without sacrificing storage space. The Air has a double-layer trunk and a big “frunk” in addition to the numerous compartments in the cabin.

California-inspired eco-friendly fixtures

It’s totally conceivable for the Lucid Air to be carbon neutral from the moment you buy it, depending on your electricity source. The automobile emits no emissions, and the driving portion of the Air isn’t the only emission-free component. Lucid claims to be “moving forward with electric vehicle innovation that makes the greatest appropriate use of the earth’s resources,” citing California as inspiration for its design possibilities.

The interior of the vehicle is made of “sustainably sourced wood” from species like eucalyptus, walnut, and red oak. Certain areas of the fabric are lined with either 100 percent recycled yarn or a minimally colored alpaca wool blend. Then there’s the leather, which comes from Bridge of Weir in Scotland. Bridge of Weir claims to be the world’s lowest carbon leather supplier, emitting only 1.1 kg of CO2 per hiding treated. All of this combines to make a Lucid Air one of, if not the most, environmentally-friendly vehicles on the road.

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